A little bit of exercise can end up going a long way when it comes to one’s health. After all, doctors and researchers continue to note that people who exercise even just a little tend to have better health outcomes than those who don’t. Some exercises are better than others though. Running is one of those comparatively easy yet universally helpful exercise options that many of us can engage in easily. All it takes is your body and enough space. The varied benefits of running actually help to improve the overall longevity of runners in many cases. They guard against many of the issues that tend to add up with poor health choices and age while helping to maintain the body. There are a few main benefits that grant the majority of these effects though. We’re going to take a quick look at them so we all end up better informed and capable of making more informed health choices.

Weight Loss
Moving around that much tends to build up muscle in the body. A lot of this ends up being focused on the legs for an obvious reason, but the torso can end up getting benefits as well depending on your form and any additional things you choose to do to improve upon the exercise. Greater muscle mass means that your body will burn fat more effectively even when you’re resting by improving your metabolic rate. This helps greatly with overall weight management and gives you an edge against resisting weight related diseases as you age. It is worth stressing this point given how much easier it is to start putting on weight as we age and our metabolism slows. Safeguarding against it will greatly improve the quality of life as one age as well as reducing the chance of potential conditions that drop our overall life expectancy. This benefit is related directly to the boost to cardiovascular health.

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Heart Health
We all hear about how good cardio is for our long term health and there’s no denying that running is often considered one of the best options for that kind of exercise. Running makes your heart work a little harder for a little while, but gradually decreases the overall effort involved in just living. This reduction in demand on your heart most of the time help to reduce potential strain over the years. Additionally, it also means your heart will be better able to keep up when you actually need to put a demand on it instead of the extra demand being what pushes it past safe levels. The extra benefit is that all the cardio will help improve your overall cardiovascular system along the way too. Regular runners tend to suffer far less chance of heart disease in any form. This greatly increases one’s overall potential longevity by eliminating one of the major problems that reduce the overall potential longevity for most of us.

The General Benefits
There are a few more generalized benefits that need to be highlighted as well. Continual exercise like running tends to improve joint health for the joints being used the most. Yes, they ache more regardless of one’s age, but actually making the muscles work improves long-term health and make joints better able to resist any decay over time. Exercise, in general, is also known for helping to protect cognition over the long term. It helps memory and overall function. This is believed to be due to the improved blood flow created by exercise and few things are as good for that as cardio. There likewise appears to be an overall boost to total health that allows the body to be more resilient and resistant to illness as a whole. All of this indicates that one of the key factors in keeping the body healthy for as long as possible is to keep moving. That’s all it really takes to boost one’s overall longevity as the body expects to move and keep moving.

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Running is a good method of exercise that is relatively easy for everyone to try. The lack of the need for any equipment as well as the comparative accessibility of the exercise makes it a good choice. All that cardio will benefit the body in countless little ways that work to improve one’s overall longevity. One can’t stop exercising and expect to keep those benefits though. So try to remember that exercise is the lifetime of commitment.

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