Acne is annoying and sometimes painful no matter who gets it or when. We’re too often used to deriding it as something only teenagers need to deal with and frequently forget that anyone can end up dealing with acne for a myriad of reasons. These flare ups never stop being annoying either. If anything, they can sometimes feels a little more personal as we age because acne is associated with a lack of maturity. We tend to seek quick remedies to the problem once we notice a breakout is looming.

There is no perfect solution available that can entirely remove the chance of acne. It tends to find a way to be sneaky and get past things, but you can use generally agreed on methods to help you manage the acne and reduce the chance for flare ups. Techniques for this range from lifestyle changes to simply ensuring that you’re using the right product. Let’s look at some of your best options.

The Right Ingredient for the Job
There are a handful of really good ingredients for any given skincare woe. These help to target a given problem on multiple levels and thereby help your skin recover faster. Salicylic acid is one such ingredient when it comes to acne. That’s why you see it in a lot of acne fighting products. The acid is good on the surface of the problem simply because it helps to break up and dissolve the oils and grime that accumulate on your skin and in your pores. This actually destroys the conditions in which acne bacteria can flourish. What makes the ingredient even better is that it also works to dissolve surface dead skin cells to help counter the dullness frequently associated with acne. Both of these factors and the act of applying a product utilizing salicylic acid further encourage new skin growth and repair of the treated areas. Salicylic acid is a good response to almost anyone’s acne as long as they don’t have sensitive skin.

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Take A Break
Stress has a habit of wrecking our bodies. It isn’t something that gets done intentionally, but the simple fact is that stress hormones are necessarily hard on our bodies. This is connected back to the fact that stress response tends to be tied to “fight” or “flight” in some cases and your body is keyed up to respond to what is stressing it in one of these two ways. Your body doesn’t get a break. It simply has to exist in this constantly “on” state. Of course you start to feel it after a while. Stress hormones also contribute to the increased production of oil in our skin. This can cause us to experience acne flare ups at a higher rate. After all, more oil on your skin means there is a higher chance for it to accidentally start plugging your pores and causing breakouts. As a result, you’re going to want to try to make sure that you carve out time for yourself and a relaxing activity regularly. Keeping your stress levels down is one of the keys to a healthy life and beautiful skin.

Avoid Sugary Things
Another good habit to help reduce the strength of flare up is to review your diet. A lot of us have more sugars in it than we’d expect and that can end up playing havoc with our skin. Sugars aren’t bad for your body necessarily, but large sources of them hitting the body at once tend to cause spikes in blood sugar. These spikes in turn actually cause the skin to react. Typically this reaction tend to be a sort of low-level irritation, but it can also feed into acne and make things worse. Something about sugars is believed to affect hormones directly. The links appear most strongly when looking at oil production, but there have also been associations with the release of certain hormones directly inflaming hair follicles. All of this adds up to an environment that is just perfect for acne to move into and cause problems.

Acne flare ups are troublesome things. Our diet, hormones, and heritage all factor into how frequently we experience these flare ups, but there’s only so much we can do to fight back against them. Products utilizing good ingredients go a long way, but we need to help them by living healthy lives and ensuring that our skin doesn’t get subjected to undue strain. Proper care will be your best solution to any acne flare up.

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