Tired eyes are one of those annoying problems that has an obvious solution, but enacting it often takes more time than we’d like. After all, waking up and seeing them with less than an hour to get ready and go doesn’t leave us with much time to get more sleep. Most of the time we need to worry about a better sleep schedule later and solve the problem quickly to get on with our day without feeling like people will be staring at us all day due to bags under our eyes. There are a few quick fixes you can use to help conceal this problem. They involve makeup choices and quick tricks to help treat some of the underlying causes of the problem. We would like to stress that these are short term solutions only. You will need to take longer term steps to solve the problem, but nothing says you can’t look your best while working towards the solution.

This is one of the oldest tricks for helping to fix the problem. We’ve all likely at least seen someone using it before. The problem is that learning to use it well tends to be a bit difficult as you’re going to need to counterbalance color for it to be effective or else your eyes will continue to look tired. Most professionals agree that a more opaque concealer should go on first. Its job is to disguise as much as it can and let you use makeup tricks and the play of light to disguise the rest of the issue. A lighter powder or reflective top layer can do wonders to help manage the rest of the color by brightening the area. Admittedly, nothing is as effective as working against the dark circles by countering the color as we mentioned earlier. Pinks tend to work well for those with lighter skin while shades of orange and brown tend to be effective for darker skin tones. You’ll likely need to play around to find the right match, but once you do you’ll be able to hide the problem effectively.

Drawing Attention
Sometimes the concealer trick is out of the question because we have relatively little time or don’t have all the colors necessary. You can get away with a much simpler trick to help disguise the problem by getting people to look elsewhere. This involves making sure that the upper lid of your eye is drawing as much attention as possible. A quick yet dramatic look created with eyeliner will go a long way here. Don’t spend time doing something delicate like a standard cat eye, but instead favor a thick and bold look to place the emphasis away from any bags. This sort of dramatic look reorients the visual balance of your face and drags the attention where you want it instead of allowing the natural shift in tone to stand out. Not everyone finds this trick ideal though. It requires you to know a good, dramatic look that doesn’t touch the lower eyes. Not all of us like that kind of look either. There’s one last trick we can all use that will help counter the look that is quick and easy.

Bright Eyes
The quickest and simplest trick for hiding tired eyes is to use the play of light to disguise the problem. Most of the time this is relatively simple as long as you have a white eye pencil or similar. You can easily help disguise the problem by using the pencil to brighten the inner bottom eyelid. It will help catch light to disguise the problem. All of this works on the same principle for why you use the lightest shade of eye shadow towards the inner eye. It creates and highlights a healthy, alert look. You can use this trick in combination with others relatively easily to more completely disguise the problem too. We do recommend avoiding any dark eye pencils or liner on the lower eye when using this trick and trying not to look tired in general. They will counteract any steps you’re taking to disguise the problem and draw the eye to dark circles or bags readily. We do recommend this last trick if you’re in a rush as it can be used almost anywhere and quickly touch up any problem you only just noticed without your full kit.

There’s no escaping the fact that tired eyes are something we’ll all have to deal with again and again over the course of our lives. We can quickly conceal the problem to keep going about our day with confidence though. Learning these tricks and others will help prevent us from feeling like there are no solutions and thereby leave us better able to enjoy ourselves while looking our best.

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