Starting a skin care regimen can be difficult to complete for any woman if she doesn’t know where to begin. For a woman who’s about to get married, it introduces a whole new level of stress. OROGOLD makes it easy with our simplified method to beginning your pre-wedding skin care regimen without giving you excess jitters and added complications. By following this breakdown, you will have an organized, helpful method to fixing your skin care conundrums.

Find a Product Line You Love and Stick with It
Finding a product line you love can come by reading reviews on top rated products, experimenting with them, or relying on the recommendations from friends and family. You could also ask your skin care expert or dermatologist for product advice or guidance. Be sure you implement a daily cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and exfoliation gel into your product collection to ensure you have beautiful, healthy, gorgeous skin that is wedding photo worthy. There’s nothing worse than having dull, lifeless skin in wedding photos – make the most of your face and treat it right, and the results will show undoubtedly.

Use Products Daily
The products in which you should begin using about 6 months before your wedding are as follows:

  • A gentle, yet effective, cleanser
  • A firming, hydrating and refreshing toner – think rosewater toners – to provide cosmetic touch ups, better cosmetic application, and prolong cosmetic wear
  • A hydrating moisturizer for your particular skin type

Once you begin using these products approximately six months in advance of your wedding, you should begin to see a difference in your skin’s condition for the better. If you notice no change or feel like the products are causing problems for your skin, you can opt for changing product lines to see what those might be able to do for you. Once you’ve developed a skin care routine, it’s time to implement other important aspects of skin care to your regimen, such as waxing, plucking, eyebrow care, cosmetic palette implementation for your skin type, and exfoliation methods.

Bride-to-be getting her legs waxed in a beauty spa

Waxing of the hair on the upper lip or chin should be completed once every two weeks, or as often as needed. It will help you maintain a more flawless, gorgeous look, and you will have more self-confidence when you see and feel the difference it will provide.

Plucking should only be done to remove the occasional stray hair. If you see an eyebrow, lip, or chin hair that is just driving you nuts, maintain it by removing it with a pair of good tweezers.

Eyebrow Care
Think of your eyebrow as the frames for your eyes. Your eyebrows should be neat, beautiful, and arched perfectly. In order to achieve this look, head to your nearest salon which specializes in eyebrow shaping and care, and ensure you are seeing a qualified esthetician who knows how to do their job properly and won’t leave you looking like a mess. Maintain that shape every couple of weeks by heading back to the salon for a re-do.

Choosing Cosmetics for Your Skin Tone
Choosing the right cosmetic color palette for you is based upon finding products that match your skin. There are certain colors each skin type should wear, and ones each should steer clear from. Asking a beauty expert for help in this department at a store such will provide you with insight and complementary color schemes to help you form your cosmetic palette from eyes to lips.

Woman applying a gold facial mask on her skin.

Facials are extremely beneficial, relaxing, and will provide you with clean, clear, beautiful and glowing skin. Although they can be pricey and come in a variety of styles, they are always worth the end result. Get everything from mud facials, to chocolate facials, and everything in between. See your local salon for their current specials, facial types, and more.

Exfoliation can be completed by you at home and is extremely simple to do. By using products such as a gel exfoliant, mud mask, or face polish, you will slough off the dead, dry skin – leaving behind new, dewy, fresh skin and a glowing, gorgeous appearance. Isn’t that what every bride to be wants? Exfoliation should be completed once per week, but no more than that during the Spring months.

OROGOLD understands how important this time in your life is, and that’s why we want to stress the importance of beginning your wedding skin care routine about 6 months in advance to the wedding, to ensure each aspect is well maintained, and done right. Practice makes perfect – and it might take some time to realize what methods you love, hate, or work best for you.


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