Natural ingredients are popular in skincare. They offer a complex combination of nutrients and other compounds that blend together to offer a suite of benefits. Much of the time the industry prefers to isolate particular properties and synthesize them to get all of the benefits with none of the drawbacks of some ingredients. This is where we get extracts and many of the long chemical compounds in skin care. We gradually find newer and better ingredients as we explore the natural world or find out that the interplay between particular compounds in a more complex ingredient are actually more useful than the isolated compounds. One example of this is papaya. You might be surprised to know that it has a number of benefits for both skin and hair. Eating the fruit and using topical products integrating it can both be beneficial.

For Your Skin
The usefulness of papaya comes from the combination of nutrients and enzymes in the fruit. It is a good source of vitamins A and C. These are vital to your skin’s health. Vitamin C is a particularly potent in skin care. It is known for its ability to help lighten and smooth the skin. Topical vitamin C is particularly useful in this regard and easily penetrates the skin where it begins to boost collagen production. Collagen, as a primary structural protein in your skin, is responsible for keeping your face full and youthful. These benefits are actually improved thanks to the papain enzyme in papaya. It also helps to dissolve dead skin cells to provide a light exfoliating effect that permits the vitamins to reach and penetrate the skin with a greater effectiveness. Overall, papaya helps lighten and repair skin.

For Your Hair
The benefits for hair are a bit less supported when used topically, but it does appear to still have some benefits in some studies. One that is of particular note to some people is that papaya can actually help minimize and control dandruff. This makes sense given when it does for your skin, but properly prepared papaya can also restore sheen and body to hair when used in an appropriate combination. Some studies have indicated that products utilizing papaya extract may actually be able to help reduce hair thinning over time by boosting the strength of the roots. You may also wish to note that papaya products are often recommended for people with oily hair as it offers a limited form of oil control. Once again, these benefits often depend on exactly how the papaya is prepared and used.

How To Use Papaya
Raw papaya is only going to do you particular good if you eat it. Many of the best benefits that papaya can have for your skin come entirely from eating it as part of your regular diet. This is particularly true for helping improve hair health and getting a natural glow. Some of the other benefits can be gained with simple topical products though. These should ideally utilize extracts to get the concentrated benefits without the rest of the fruit getting in the way. Above all else, it is not advisable to apply the raw fruit or a mashed compound including it directly to your face. Remember the nutrients and enzymes useful for your skin and hair are scattered throughout the fruit and unless you’re eating it you’re unlikely to get enough of them to help your skin without a product concentrating the beneficial parts.

Papaya isn’t a miracle skincare ingredient, but it is a potentially useful one for you to consider seeking. It provides various skin-friendly nutrients and enzymes that can help your skin and hair when properly utilized. Remember that experimenting with different ingredients like papaya can be the key to finding products that work well for your skin.

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