Beauty and cosmeticsYou’re bound to be so busy with your life that it can be difficult to deal with everything that you need to know when it comes to beauty. Be it juggling between your kids and your careers, trying to meet those crazy deadlines or balancing out your personal and professional lines, almost everyone is pressed for time in the modern world. OROGOLD Cosmetics helps you to save some valuable time by offering you with a few easy fixes for common beauty blunders. Everyone has those days when they realize that they have made a huge blunder, that too on one of those few days when they’re actually ahead of time. This OROGOLD list of the common fixes for beauty blunders should help you ensure that you actually stay ahead of your schedules and don’t end up wasting valuable time in fixing these blunders.

Dealing with the extra perfume

The simplest way of dealing with extra perfume is to remove the fragrance with the help of Witch Hazel or alcohol. All you need to do is to dip a cotton ball in some alcohol or Witch Hazel and rub it on the area where you applied the fragrance.

How to remove deodorant stains from your favorite shirt

Discovering deodorant stains on your favorite shirt after getting ready for work can be quite irritating. All you need to do to make these stains disappear is to gently rub them with a foam rubber. This technique usually works with all materials and it makes those stains disappear instantly.

Getting rid of the excessive blush

If you find that you have applied too much blush on your cheeks, don’t go about rubbing it as it will only make you look redder. The ideal way to get rid of the extra blush is to use some foundation and work it onto your skin with a sponge.

How to deal with yellow nails

You might suddenly realize that your nails look shabby and yellow, that too on the day when you decide to go to work polish free. As difficult as the situation might seem to be, all you need to do is to mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and dip your nails into the solution. The baking soda gently buffs your nails while the hydrogen peroxide acts as a whitening ingredient. After dipping your nails into this solution, cleanse them with a mild cleanser and complete the process with some moisturizing lotion.

Getting rid of frizzy hair

You might realize that your hair seems to be frizzy and sticking out while rushing to work. All you need to do is grab a dryer sheet and glide it gently on your locks. This relaxes and smoothes the hair and also gives you a beautiful scent.

Dealing with under-eye shadows

You might think that you might have the perfect eye shadow, only to realize that it has drifted onto the cheekbones. Wiping off the eye shadow with your fingers will only make matters worse. The ideal way to remove the under-eye shadow is to drip an angled sponge in your moisturizer and wipe it off.

Taking care of messy eyeliners

Think you took those cat eyes too far? All you need to do is take some baby oil and an angled sponge to set things right. Moisten the edges of the sponge with some baby oil and work along your eyeliners for a simple and fast fix.

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