Spacious living room in a modern house

Upgrading your house not only helps you to add value to it, but it also gives your house a more stylish and comfortable feel. Yes, most major renovations can be quite expensive, but any renovation is more than likely to create a huge impact on the way your house looks. This OROGOLD Luxury Home Design Trends 2014 helps you to get acquainted with the latest design trends for luxury homes to help you choose the right upgrade for your homes.


One of the latest design trends is to switch from traditional electrical outlets to U-sockets. These sockets allow homeowners to charge devices which use USB cables like gaming consoles, digital cameras, iPads, iPhones, etc. Moreover, U-sockets also stop charging the device when the battery is fully charged which automatically results in energy and money savings.

Green Building

It has been predicted that triple-glazed windows should enjoy a market share of almost 50% in the coming years. More and more homeowners have started preferring LED lighting as an ideal solution. Such solutions also help to eliminate the need for those bulky lamps and ceiling lights. Water heater standards are also on the change. Finally, accessibility is the main emphasis for modern day master suites. More and more master suites can now be found on the main floor of the house in order to cater to the nation’s aging population.

Stand Alone Bath Tubs

Stand Alone Bath Tubs are also replacing the standard ones in many homes. Most homeowners prefer these stand alone bath tubs as a means of saving on space and achieving a beautiful look. Moreover, stand alone bath tubs don’t need constant cleaning and are relatively maintenance free.

The Evolution of Flooring

The concepts of flooring are also undergoing tremendous amounts of change. Homeowners continue to move towards renewable options like cork and bamboo.

Floating Shelves

Those with limited budgets can choose upgrades that don’t require the intervention of any construction company. The simplest upgrade available in the world of luxury home décor is the floating shelf. Floating shelves have become common in luxury homes and they have actually helped to make kitchens look visually dynamic. Installing them throughout the house also offers you with an opportunity to display beautiful artwork.

Classical Looks

One of the most notable changes in terms of luxury home décor trends for the year 2014 has been the re-emergence of the classical look. The popularity of modern décor has been decreasing over the past few years with more and more people preferring traditional interiors, earth tones and rounded shapes.

Whether you feel that your house needs a full scale renovation or looking at making minor changes on a budget, there are all sorts of trends and designs that you can use to improve the way your home looks and feels. Remember, even though most projects are likely to be extremely costly, OROGOLD advises you to carry on. You should begin to see immediate return on investments in terms of energy savings and the increased value of your home.

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