One of the things that almost always accompanies old age is vitamin C deficiency. As a person begins to age, he/ she ends up developing a progressive vitamin C deficiency and people with small hemorrhages under their skin suffer from advanced deficiencies of vitamin C. Most of these people are also deficient in numerous flavanoids, a group of ingredients that are also known to play a major role in strengthening blood vessels. In this article, OROGOLD Cosmetics reveals how stress ends up depleting your vitamin C level.

Experts have noticed that a number of people who suffer from issues like recurrent hemorrhoids also have vitamin C deficiencies. It was also determined that supplements of vitamin C can make a significant difference and help in improving this painful disorder. Vitamin C is extremely essential for the human body because it helps in stimulating the absorption of iron. Excessive iron in the body can increase the risk of all sorts of diseases like atherosclerosis and cancer and it can also promote viral infections, bacterial infections and brain degeneration. People with iron deficiencies like anemia also need to increase their Vitamin C intake by adding iron in their diet and their skin care in order to be able to allow the body to absorb as much iron as possible.

One of the things that depletes vitamin C from the body is stress. Intense and prolonged stress levels are among the main causes of vitamin C deficiencies because the highest concentrations of vitamin C are usually found in the adrenal glands, glands that play a central role in tackling stress. Vitamin C doesn’t just help the body to absorb iron, it is also known to be extremely essential for skin care and wound healing. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from free radical damage and it has always been known for its wound healing properties. It is also known to assist in collagen formation. The collagen in your skin is ultimately responsible for younger looking skin and a decrease in the collagen levels can make your skin look old and also lead to things like fine lines and wrinkles.

Moreover, medical experts usually use high doses of vitamin C while treating trauma or surgical patients. The stress associated with a serious injury or surgery leads to a rapid loss of vitamin C from the body and this makes it essential to supplement the Vitamin C levels in the body for anyone scheduled for surgery.

Another issue that leads to a severe deficiency of vitamin C is cigarette smoking. Studies have shown that it becomes very difficult for smokers to increase their vitamin C levels, unless they consume an extremely high dose. This is one of the main reasons why smokers usually experience accelerated skin aging and also suffer from a higher incidence of vascular diseases. The rapid loss of vitamin C in smokers can also explain why they are so prone to diseases like cancer.

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