Some skills take a lifetime to master, but there are certain skills that make your life so much easier once you do master them. Packing your beauty items in the proper manner to make them more travel friendly is just one of them. As the holiday season draws closer, you’re most probably already planning your holidays and booking your tickets. So OROGOLD decided that now would be the ideal time to help you learn how to pack your beauty items like those moisturizers, shampoos, brushes and makeup like pros.

Start hoarding on samples

It’s time to start packing up those samples and testers. Make sure to ask for samples when you purchase your skin care and beauty products. Most of the best brands usually give you some.

Separate items by shape

Separating your beauty and skin care items based on their shape can also help. Instead of throwing everything into one bag, divide them according to their shape. Put the long and skinny ones in those pencil cases. This also helps to ensure that you don’t have to dig through the entire bag every time you wish to use them.

Save up empty bottles

You can always save up on those empty containers from those tester-sized products, wash the containers and reuse them to store different products while traveling. 

Categorize your storage

It makes sense to divide your beauty items according to their use. When you travel, you will always have a set of items that you plan to use regularly and a set of items that you only need during particular occasions. Therefore, dividing your items according to when they need to be used can work wonders. Remember, makeup items can end up becoming quite heavy and there is no sense in hauling all of them everywhere you go.

Cushion the impact

One of the best ways to save and preserve your beauty items is to cushion out the impact. What you need to do is add a cotton pad or a cotton ball on top of the main makeup products. This cotton ball acts as a cushion and saves the formula from shattering even if it gets tossed around. Remember, there is nothing worse than having to endure those long haul flights and find out that your makeup has been shattered.

Don’t forget to seal your beauty items

We always hear stories of women who traveled from one corner of the world to the other and found out that their shampoos and conditioners had exploded all over their clothes. This experience can be quite traumatizing at home. When you’re travelling, it is another ball game altogether. The best way to prevent this from happening is to seal off things that can damage your clothing and other items in your suitcase. 

Skip liquids in favor of powder

Powdered products are always more advantageous while traveling. This not only lessens the chance of spillage, it also leaves more room in your bags for things like conditioners and shampoos. 

Divide your beauty items into groups

One of the best ways to deal with packing beauty items is to divide them into groups. Separate things like liquids and pigmented powders that can ruin your clothes. Drop each item or a group of such items in a plastic bag and pack them separately in your makeup bag. If you pack all these items together, it also makes sense to pack them in a separate makeup bag. This way, even if they end up spilling, they won’t ruin your clothes or other beauty items.

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