Woman wearing a facial maskA face mask can offer your skin all sorts of benefits. Some masks can leave your skin glowing and brighter while others can also addresses your pore problems and dryness. Using a face mask is an enjoyable and refreshing way of taking care of your skin. Many say that it is impossible to recreate the magic of a facial at home, but face masks have truly helped people all over the world to not only replicate the experience, but also enjoy similar benefits. The only problem is, most people who use face masks make one common mistake. They forget to layer their face masks. According to skin specialists, a face mask needs to be layered properly or used in combination with the right products to really maximize the benefits to your skin. OROGOLD Cosmetics shows you how to layer your masks with this OROGOLD mask layering guide**. Remember, layering the masks the right way can prove to be the final missing piece in the puzzle that is your skin.

Things to Know About Face Masks

The first and foremost thing that you need to know about using face masks is that you must always exfoliate your skin before applying a face mask. Customers with pigmented skin have found the OROGOLD 24K Bio-Brightening Complex Peeling to be the most beneficial product for their exfoliation needs. The OROGOLD 24K Multi-Vitamin Deep Peeling is usually preferred by people with oily skin. For people with other types of skin, the ideal product to use is the OROGOLD 24K Deep Peeling. Like most OROGOLD face masks, it is recommended that peels be used once a week. As we have already suggested, the order in which you layer your masks is extremely crucial as well. The soft masks always go first and they are to be followed by mud-based or clay-based masks. Some masks are required to be used in combination with certain serums or moisturizers as well. Following the proper process helps you calm and soothe your skin, remove impurities and excess oils and also hydrate your skin.

Masks for Dry Patches and Breakouts

When your skin starts to act up and throw tantrums, it can become difficult to treat your skin issues with a single mask. The first face mask that you should try is a healing mask. Look for a hydrating mask that contains calming ingredients like chamomile, flax seed oil or grape seed oil. This mask will help you offer moisture and relieve irritated skin. Alternate this mask with a face mask that mostly concentrates on preventing acne breakouts. ORO GOLD recommends to alternate between the 24K Vitamin C Mask and the 24K CyrogeniC Diamond Mask. Follow with the 24K Vitamin C Serum when using the Vitamin C Mask and the 24K CyrogeniC Restoration Cream when using the CyrogeniC Diamond Mask for best results.

Masks for Enlarged Pores and Aging Issues

As you become older, things like decreased skin elasticity and sun damage can cause your pores to look enlarged. This is why so many women with mature skin complain about enlarged pores. However, enlarged pores are only one part of the problem, wrinkles and fine lines being the other. To take care of aging issues and enlarged pores at the same time, alternate between a moisturizing mask and a firming mask. Also make sure that you look for ingredients like antioxidants in your moisturizing mask. OROGOLD Cosmetics recommends to alternate between the 24K Tèrmica® Energizing Mask and the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask. Use the 24K Collagen Renewal Serum along with the 24K Collagen & Seaweed Mask for better results. Don’t forget to apply the 24K Termica® Activation Serum over the 24K Tèrmica® Energizing Mask to make your treatment more effective.

Masks for Oiliness and Dullness

In order to revive a dull looking complexion, try  a brightening mask that contains ingredients like salicylic acid. Always follow this mask with a clarifying mask to take care of the oiliness. ORO GOLD Cosmetics recommends you to use the 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask in combination with the 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask & Collagen Eye Renewal Mask to reduce the formation of wrinkles and mask your oiliness and dullness. Apply the 24K Deep Tissue Rejuvenation Mask & Collagen Eye Renewal Mask once every month and the 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask once a week for the remaining three weeks. For best results, always use the 24K Caviar Micro Beads Serum along with the 24K Caviar & Sea Kelp Mask.

** OROGOLD Cosmetics recommends consulting your dermatologist or other skin care expert before product use.

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