During the holiday season, it’s commonplace to create or buy Christmas cards and other holiday cards and make them out to those you love, care about, and appreciate for one reason or another. It’s something many people look forward to doing to get into the holiday spirit, and it’s also something people really enjoy getting in their mail boxes. Some people choose to hang them on their Christmas tree, while others place them on the fireplace mantle or even on counters or tables.

OROGOLD has some great ideas on how you can spice up your holiday cards this year with photos, and different ways to make them visually appealing aside from the pictures themselves.

Personalize the Card

Taking time out to actually personalize the card, even if you are having them printed from a service, shows the person who you are sending the card to that you really care, and you really were thinking of them. It’s always a nice feeling to be thought about this time of year, and something as simple as adding the name to those most important to you is easy to do. Not only that, but include a memory of some sort within the card’s text to also make it more personal special. Maybe choose a holiday memory of something sweet or funny that happened between the two of you, or add the ever-loved ‘inside joke’ somewhere within the text. Based on the personality of who you are sending the card to, you will be able to determine what’s best.

Have Kids Get Crafty

If you are making your own holiday photo cards at home, and you have kids, have them pitch in and decorate the card with you. Have them use glitter, confetti, or write a special personalized note inside in red and green pens. Let them help glue things on and even assemble the picture how you want it to be.

Use a Holiday Themed Photo

Before Christmas approaches, have a professional quality photo done either in a studio or in a location of your choice outdoors somewhere. Color co-ordinate your family’s outfits or at least accessories to have everyone looking in unison. Choose your favorite photo from the set, and use that as the photo you are to include in your holiday cards.

Send Cards Ahead of Time

With holiday packages clogging up the mail system this time of year, it’s always best to send your holiday cards at the beginning of December to avoid delays in the receipt of the card. If you wait until the last minute, your card likely won’t arrive to its destination on time – but rather, after Christmas is said and done. Be sure to get your cards in the mail as soon as possible. Also, if you enclose gift cards or any type of monetary gift, be sure to seal the envelope with scotch tape to ensure it arrives safely.

Send Your Photo Cards Online

In 2014, the internet is a quick and easy way to send your holiday photo card in an e-format or via e-mail. You can make it look just like it would in ‘real life’, but send copies through e-mail, saving on postage, time running to the post office, and the hassle of having actual cards printed. Although many people still prefer receiving a hard copy photo card, there are those who like receiving them in e-Format just as much.

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