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Spa Music is one of the best ways to bring the ideal spa experience into your home. One of the main reasons why spas help you to soothe and calm your senses is that they feature an extremely relaxed and soothing atmosphere. And one of the main reasons why they manage to create this atmosphere is the soothing music that they play. You can effectively use this spa music to create the ideal at-home spa treatments, deal with your stress or relax before sleeping. To show our commitment in encouraging customers to recreate spa-experiences at home, OROGOLD came up with an extremely exciting music video on skin care. This video showcases a refreshing song on ORO GOLD and your skin care routine that has been sung by Eliran Lulon. So add this exciting song to your playlist or choose from one of OROGOLD’s below-mentioned suggestions for the perfect spa-experience at home.

Spirit of Yoga

Spirit of Yoga is one of the best albums to get you into a meditating mood and offer you with a beautiful Eastern sound that boasts of an exciting spiritual quality. Apart from helping you soothe and relax, you can also use this album to do yoga or meditate.

Tantric Heat

Tantric Heat offers you with soothing and sensual beats making it an ideal combination for couples. Considered to be inspired by the Khajuraho Temples of North India, this music is perfect for all your couple massages and romantic moments.

Nada Himalaya

Nada Himalaya offers you with a beautiful melody of Tibetan bells. You should play this album when you really need to calm down your senses. They like to term it as a meditation album, but ORO GOLD feels that it can be an ideal addition to your at-home spa experience as well.

Ayurveda Moving in Time

If you’re feeling sluggish or lazy, the rhythms and melodies offered by Avurveda Moving in Time can help you rejuvenate your senses. It can also prove to be the perfect music for a sensational spa massage.


Tranquility is considered to be one of the best selling works of Real Music. If you want to understand what made pianist Kevin Kern and harpist Hilary Stagg so popular all over the world, Tranquility is the ideal place to start.

Ocean of Peace

Ocean of Peace is an hour of pure bliss and its tempos seem to change automatically at the right times. The collection is really beautiful for your spa massages and it can soothe you when you need some peace the most.

Musical Massage

Musical Massage offers you with a set of 3 CDs that are famous for providing simple and soothing music. The kind of music that allows you to wander off to fantasyland while you enjoy your at-home spa treatments. It helps to add a calming background in front of you.

Letting the World Go By

Letting the World Go By is another popular compilation from Real Music. If you prefer the western sounds of instruments like strings and the piano, Letting the World Go By is the best option for you.

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