Dermatologists have revealed a number of unexpected developments with regards to the impacts of air pollution on the overall health of your skin. Due to a major lack of in-depth research on the effects of pollution on skin health, a number of brands took up clinical studies to try and determine exactly how pollution affected skin health.

The latest clinical study was conducted in some of the most polluted districts and least polluted districts of Beijing. It measured a number of aspects with regards to skin health and also tried to examine the appearance of more than 200 women, while making a note of their skin care routines and their lifestyle choices.

This analysis went on to show that people who lived in districts that were highly polluted suffered from worse skin hydration when compared to people who lived in districts that were relatively free from pollution. What was even more shocking was that in many cases, people living in the highly polluted districts were actually more conscious about their skin and were making better lifestyle choices such as being thorough with cleansing, consuming the right amount of water, following a balanced diet and adding skin care products to their regular routines.

Apart from poor skin hydration, people living in highly polluted areas also demonstrated a compromised skin barrier function. Although the results of this trial were not entirely unexpected, this trial was actually the first scientific evidence which proved that pollution posed a significant level of threat to the human body and that the skin barrier function and skin hydration were among the first factors to get affected.

This study also managed to reflect that the ever growing concerns about air pollution are not just human perception. They are actually backed by hard core scientific data. The researchers associated with this trial further tried to look into the relationship between dermatological skin conditions and air quality by studying the subjects for one year. This study further revealed that there is a direct relationship between increasing skin problems and air pollution. Patients who lived in highly polluted areas demonstrated spikes in their skin issues like urticaria.

Further research might still be required to prove the exact skin damage that higher levels of pollution lead to, but this study actually goes a long way in showing that pollution doesn’t just affect the human skin on a cosmetic level, but that it poses a major threat to the overall skin health as well.

Many luxury skin care brands like OROGOLD Cosmetics have already begun to research on the next generation of skin solutions that take into account the rising pollution. This study actually shows that such studies couldn’t have come at a better time because it has become vital to introduce a set of skin care ingredients and collections that actually allow the skin to repair itself, protect itself from the damage caused by pollution and fight off the harmful effects of pollution.

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