Olive oil has been used throughout the world of skin care for more than 5000 years. It is extracted from the olive tree, a plant that is native to the Mediterranean region. Olive oil was commonly used in the Ancient Egyptian civilization as a cosmetic and is still used as a natural medicine in a number of countries all over the world. The product has many benefits that range from stimulating the metabolism to promoting better digestion. Recent studies have also found olive oil to be highly beneficial for your skin and your hair. This vitamin-E rich ingredient can give the skin a younger and healthier look, make it feel supple and calm irritation. OROGOLD Cosmetics examines some of the most important uses of olive oil in your skin care.

Doesn’t clog your pores  
Many moisturizers are known to worsen your skin conditions by clogging your pores. Olive oil goes deep into your skin and gives it a beautiful cleansing effect. All you need to do is put some olive oil on your skin and wipe off excess oil. The result is bound to leave you with younger, softer and beautiful looking skin.

Exfoliates your skin better
One of the biggest advantages of using olive oil is that it is a wonderful exfoliator. Many exfoliators add olive oil in their ingredient formulations because of its deep penetrating actions that can remove the dead skin cells and give the skin a renewed look.

Softens your hands
Olive oil is a simple and effective way of softening your hands. Simply lather the oil on your hands while cooking or mix some olive oil into the salad using your hands. This simple process is sure to make your hands feel soft and smooth for a couple of days.

Rich in antioxidants
Olive oil is very rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E and hydroxytyrosol. Both these antioxidants prevent cell degeneration in the skin, thereby helping to prevent the appearance of aging signs. Olive oil is also rich in squalene, a compound that increases skin elasticity to prevent skin sagging and leave it with a youthful and glowing look. OROGOLD came across a study that was published in The Journal of Pathology in the year 2007. According to this study, vitamin E was successful in maintaining younger-looking skin by warding off free radicals and photo aging. 

Prevents dry skin  
Olive oil boasts of having excellent moisturizing properties. Applying some olive oil on your skin every now and then gives it that oomph factor and makes it look much better. Olive oil has healthy fats that are similar to avocado and the presence of vitamins A and E also goes a long way in moisturizing and plumping the skin.

Removes makeup  
Removing your makeup, particularly that local mascara, can be really difficult. Using olive oil to remove your mascara makes the entire process faster and simpler. Olive oil dissolves the makeup and allows it to slide off your eye area without making you scrub the eye area.

Relieves itchiness
Itchy or inflamed skin usually arises out of skin irritations such as psoriasis or eczema. Olive oil can prove to be an ideal ingredient for anyone with itchy skin because it works wonders in relieving irritation and discomfort.

Treats dry scalp and dandruff
Rubbing olive oil on your hair and your scalp two– three times a week can help you get rid of dry scalp or dandruff conditions from your hair. Ideally, try to combine olive oil with rosemary and coconut oil for best results.

Helps out with shaving
Shaving often leads to issues like nicks, razor burns and bumps. Adding a moisture-rich lubricant like olive oil can prevent common shaving pitfalls. All you need to do is apply olive oil on your skin and shave over the area that has been doused with oil.

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