The right moisturizer can make a big difference in how healthy one’s skin is at any given point. This is because your skin needs a certain level of hydration naturally. Without it, your skin begins to suffer as it cannot protect itself properly. All that moisture is there to help act as part of the barrier between the deeper parts of your skin and things like sun damage. It helps keep your skin pliable and filled out as well. Failing to keep your skin properly moisturized ends up leading to a situation where your skin begins to dry out and becomes more susceptible to damage overall. This makes it sensitized and it can end up reacting to your environment or products more. That’s why good skincare places such an emphasis on using the right moisturizer. Trying to do this does mean needing to figure out the benefits of different moisturizers ranging from the average product to oil-free options. We’re going to take a closer look at these so we all have a better idea on what might be the best option.

Regular Moisturizers
We need to be very clear that most moisturizers you will ever pick up are oil-based in some way. This is for a very good reason. Oils are incredibly good at moisturizing the skin and helping it stay that way. That’s partly why your skin produces its own natural oils. The combination of hydration and sealant helps ensure the skin is as healthy as it can be with as few problems as possible. Regular moisturizers tend to work this well for that reason alone. Admittedly, these moisturizers tend to actually be the best for people with dry to average skin. They can also work relatively well for combination skin if none of the patches of skin are particularly oily. Oil-based products are the only choice that anyone with dry skin should actually make in most cases. Thick, oil-based creams are particularly good. As we highlighted though, oily skin needs a different approach.

Oil-Free Moisturizers
Oils may be good for your skin, but there is such a thing as the skin being too oily. This is the predicament that most people with oily skin find themselves in. Without proper attention, their skin secretes too much oil and begins to cause itself problems. Adding more oil on their through product choice doesn’t help matters in the least and frequently makes things a lot worse. Oil-free moisturizers are often a good solution to this. Many of these moisturizers are water-based and just as capable at their job. The thickness of the moisturizer remains important though. Oily skin will seldom tolerate any moisturizer as thick as a cream and this is often best left to a lotion or something a bit lighter. Oil-free options are also fairly good for combination skin as it is capable of moisturizing the rest of the skin without being too much for oily areas. Skin type is ultimately the determining factor in this discussion just as it is with so many other skincare debates.

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Choosing Wisely
There is nothing particularly special about regular moisturizers or oil-free moisturizers. Their use is purely contextual. You need to be aware of your own skin and its needs to choose what to use. This isn’t that hard and simply relies on you exercising the basic levels of skincare knowledge that most of us have after a little while. We do wish to add a few words of caution though. It is worth noting that anyone experiencing or who has experienced menopause should know that their skin is going to become naturally oilier for a least a little while even in the face of the skin’s drying out process from age. This can affect the kind of moisturizer that you should be using. If you start noticing problems with your skin around that age, we advise discussing the problems with your dermatologist to narrow down potential culprits and make the correct choice to care for your skin.

Regular moisturizers tend to include oils and aren’t necessarily the best option for oily skin. That’s why oil-free and water-based moisturizers exist. They fill in a spot in the skincare market that helps ensure everyone can take good care of their skin. With that in mind, all you need to remember it to stay alert to your skin’s changing needs over time to ensure that you’re always using the best products possible for your skin.

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