Caviar has become culturally associated with people living the high life. As a result, anyone living a healthy lifestyle has likely encountered their share of caviar at parties over the years. The delicacy provides an interesting flavor on its own, but also gets used as a counterpoint or ingredient in some dishes. It is also increasingly ending as an ingredient in skin care circles as well. Caviar’s skillset, it seems, extends beyond simply tasting good. The nutrient-rich fish eggs have something to offer your skin as well. The trick is that most products telling you that they use caviar in their ingredients are using it in a very specific way to ensure you get the most out of the fish eggs. It isn’t actually just tossing caviar into the skin care mixer.

Extracted Delights
In truth, the ingredient being used is actually an extract of caviar. The extract doesn’t pull from the contents of the caviar itself, but actually involves harnessing all of the valuable nutrients in the casing of the fish eggs. It helps to isolate and refine them. The resulting liquid is less salty than actual caviar and readily mixable into any number of skin care products. Product choice doesn’t seem to matter much either. Caviar extract is especially good when used in moisturizing products though as it works with the moisturizer to help retain moisture at the same time that it is infusing your skin with nutrients. The lightweight nature of caviar extract can actually make it the most suitable for use in serums to make the most of its high concentration of useful nutrients.

Does It Actually Work?
Interestingly, the results when it comes to whether caviar extract is good for your skin are mixed. It clearly has a positive benefit to the skin or else we wouldn’t be using it in our products. Caviar has been shown to be particularly useful when it comes to providing the skin with antioxidants. This is particularly key when it comes to providing anti-aging benefits for the skin. Additionally, a number of the compounds in the extract are good for providing anti-inflammatory properties as well as helping to promote collagen growth and overall skin repair. Not all of the nutrients packed into caviar extract have been shown to be capable of penetrating the skin though. Some people try to use this against caviar extract, but the fact is that the same can be said of other complex ingredients in skin care. Only a certain subset of nutrients can actually be used topically to any effect. It isn’t a scandal. It’s just the way things have always been.

Should I Use It?
Most of us will have a use for a product including caviar extract at one point in our lives or another. Products containing caviar extract, as highlighted, are often the most useful for countering aging in the skin. However, the moisturizing properties of the ingredient can make a serum or cream with it particularly useful to anyone with dry skin. The anti-inflammatory properties and healing boost make it an ideal all-in-one ingredient to help keep dry skin healthy. Some of the same properties also mean people with acne prone skin can enjoy it as well. Everyone can use it effectively as an ingredient to help stave off some of these issues, but it won’t have quite the same benefits for you as it will for those mentioned.

The nutrients in caviar extract and its other properties actually make it an ideal skin care ingredient. It, like most complex ingredients, can’t provide its full benefits topically, but the ones that it can provide can support and heal your skin. It is flexible as far as ingredients go too. Whether it is in a mask, serum, or cream, it remains useful. Those looking to add an extra boost to their skin may wish to consider using a product including caviar extract.

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