Taking care of yourself right involves making the right lifestyle decisions to stay healthy. These aren’t always the most obvious things in the world though. Everybody can get “eat right” and “exercise” simply because they get broadcast to the world constantly. The less obvious steps can fall to one side though and begin to impact our health and appearance easily. A good example of this is how there are actually plenty of relatively everyday habits that increase wrinkle formation. Most of them are things we don’t even think even think about as being connected to our skin. Admittedly, we might actually try to improve our habits if we knew. That’s why we’ve put together a quick overview of some of the most common habits that may be giving your wrinkles. This way you’ll be able to break the habit and move towards a healthier you both in appearance and overall health.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
Sleep is one of those vital elements of our health that we tend to neglect the most. There’s always another project that we need to do or something that has come up that requires our attention late into the night. It becomes incredibly easy to find ourselves only getting to sleep far later than we intended and having to wake up at the same time we always do. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on the body. You need to sleep properly to help your body deal with the psychological aspects of stress, yes, but you also need it to let your body actually repair itself. It uses the time you’re sleeping to use all that extra energy you’d otherwise be using on movement to help repair your body. This is especially important when it comes to your skin. Your body needs to regularly repair the collagen in areas where you skin regularly moves otherwise you’ll begin to rapidly form wrinkles. So try to remember to set a bedtime and stick to it.

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Keeping Bad Habits
Smoking at all and drinking a little too much are both potential causes for problems as well. There’s no escaping how much harm smoking does to your body. It brings with it countless little components that seep around into your body each time you take a drag. These bits scatter throughout your body causing all sorts of damage. Smoking dries your skin out and damages the underlying collagen regularly. There’s no way to escape that smoking at all promotes the formation of wrinkles. Alcohol is a little more lenient when it comes to indulgence. While technically a poison, your favorite alcoholic drinks aren’t necessarily off limits. You will need to limit how much you drink though. A drink every few days can end up being relatively okay. It supports most of your body and your skin can handle the small impact the drink will have on your skin. Drinking too much and too often will dry your skin out though and lead to the same problems that smoking does.

Forgetting Your Sunscreen
This mistake is so common that there is almost no one who can honestly say that they haven’t made it. It is just so easy to get caught up with all you need to do in a day and forget to apply sunscreen at the end of your routine. We all need to wear sunscreen though. Failing to protect our skin from the sun has various detrimental effects. The UV rays will both provide surface damage to the skin that can kill skin cells and deepen the potential for wrinkles and introduce free radicals into the skin. All those free radicals begin to attack the collagen in your skin in turn. As the collagen breaks down, your skin is less able to support itself and begins to hold less and less skin up. The end result is that more or your skin begins to fold on its and damage yet more collagen. Wrinkles begin to form fairly reliably after enough of this sort of damage. So remember to wear your sunscreen. Sunscreens should offer broad spectrum protection of at least SPF 30 to be of any use to most of us.

These common habits are all things that it is relatively easy to end up doing. We don’t mean to pick up bad habits, but they happen as a natural part of life. The trick is recognizing them and stopping them from hurting us more than they already have. We recommend examining your life for any of the habits we’ve discussed. If you find them, making a concentrated effort to change them will help you regain or maintain a more youthful appearance.

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