Surviving in the modern world may be simpler than the hunter-gatherer lifestyles of our distant ancestors, but at the same time, it does require preparation. We have to manage our time effectively while also making sure nothing creeps on us that will disrupt our effective time management. There’s also that inherent need to plan for any of life’s little mistakes that can eat up our time quickly if we’re not prepared to deal with them and move on. You can take a lot of relatively easy steps to guard yourself against future events if you’re willing to put in the effort, though. This is especially true for an office job where you can create your own in-desk survival kit meant to help you move past any unexpected issues that come up. These are easy to create as long as you know what considerations you’ll want to make. We’ve got a few tips on things that may work well…just in case you’re wondering where to start.

A Change of Clothes and Emergency Stain Management
We’ve all either seen it happen or personally had the experience of a random bit of food or someone’s drink just attacking us from nowhere. It is almost always frustrating, but if you’re lucky it isn’t something painfully hot like fresh coffee. Darting home to change isn’t always an option and sometimes you know that “darting” won’t exactly be what happens thanks to distance or the traffic that day. Keeping a change of clothes stashed in your desk can help you fix this problem relatively quickly without ever needing to leave work. You may need a half hour or so to change clothes and tidy yourself back up, but that beats a long ride home and back, right? You’ll also want to keep stains removers that don’t rely on immediately washing the outfit near this change of clothes. That will ensure you can hopefully do something to save your stained outfit even if you can’t go home immediately. You’ll likely earn a reputation for the person most likely to be prepared for anything simply for moving past one of these events in an instant.

Basic Care Items
Another thing we’ve all experienced is being at work and feeling a pounding headache or nausea coming on. This can be for any number of reasons, obviously, but they are fairly basic conditions that it doesn’t take very much to manage. Use a little space in your desk to create a small stockpile of basic, non-prescription medications. Don’t keep any prescriptions you have with this stockpile, though. You’ll want to remember to take those with you each day, after all. Try to avoid any medications that are particularly potent or that might cause you to become tired. Some medications specifically advertise themselves as being for daytime use and they are less likely to use any ingredients that will cause you to doze off. Additionally, tampons make a good thing to add to your survival kit if that is a consideration you need to make. Don’t let the collection of care items become too sprawling, though. Remember this is to fight off basic symptoms. It isn’t meant to be an answer to full blown illness.

Something To Keep You Going
There are those times when the next meal seems so far away or that you can just feel yourself getting more lethargic due to a lack of food. You can solve it simply be ensuring that you’ve stashed a snack or few in your desk. There are two catches involved here, though. The first one is that you need to make sure that your company won’t mind that you have snacks available. In most cases, a company generally won’t care as long as you’re not making a mess, but there can be rules to deal with sometimes. The other catch is ensuring that you only stash properly packaged snacks. In general, this is going to mean sticking to prepackaged things like chips or energy bars that have a completely sealed wrapper. It will avoid drawing ants or other issues to your desk. You may be able to get away with something homemade if you store it in a sealed container, but don’t leave it uneaten for too long.

Clothes, medicine, and a little bit of food can go a long way towards creating a viable survival kit in your desk. They allow you to counter a lot of common issues that come up without needing to make a big deal about them. You can do other things like stashing extra supplies, be they office or makeup, as well to stay on top of various situations as well. We’ve only given you the foundation for a good in-desk survival kit. Expand on this and make it your own. Just remember not to let your kit get so large that it takes over your desk.

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