Most of the time when we’re talking about current trends in beauty is is frequently about what is being put on. Stylish new accessories, the latest outfit, and even the currently favored style of makeup all involve putting something on. There’s no denying that it ends up making us look wonderful. The work getting there pays off with high confidence and a sense that you’ve gotten to see the best you. It is a bit strange that we often only get there by putting things on, isn’t it? At the heart of that question is the sort of internal searching that seems to be pushing beauty in a more natural-looking direction. “No makeup” looks have been popular for a couple of years now and continue to be popular. This spring that philosophy has begun to make it to nails. People are favoring leaving their nails uncovered, but well-cared for to create a perfectly beautiful and au natural manicure.

Defining The Goal
People are all going to have their own specific definitions of an au natural manicure this spring and that makes it necessary to clarify what we’re talking about. We literally mean not using polish of any sort or any other product that sticks to the nails and forms an outer coat. Your nails should be entirely bare when you’re not caring for them. This doesn’t mean no products at all though. A good au natural manicure is going to use the majority of the nail care tricks that you’ve learned over the years for keeping them healthy and properly maintained. Trimming properly, cuticle oil, and all those other little things we use to keep our nails healthy are actually at the center of this kind of manicure. A little extra care for your nails does tend to be needed with one of these manicures though as there aren’t any layers to protect the nail itself from getting scuffed. You may also want to consider the length that works well for your natural nails as well when picking a look.

buffing nails

Shaping Up To A Good Thing
At the heart of a good au natural manicure is making sure your nails are shaped well at the beginning. Work on trimming them into an acceptable smooth shape and evening out any rough edges before you go any further. Natural nails are a bit less forgiving when it comes to particular looks and as a result you typically need to favor shorter nails with rounded ends. These are not only more functional, but they maintain a natural look that is less likely to catch on anything and get torn. Furthermore, you’re less likely to accidentally scuff them in your day to day life. Properly trimmed nails need to be filed to remove any roughness to them too. The shape is only the beginning though as you’re still going to need to put the finishing touches that will have your nails looking as healthy, beautiful, and natural as they’ve ever been.

Beauty Is In The Details
Your next task is basically going to be cleaning up the nails are the shaping. Little scratches and scuffs to the nails are fairly common during the previous step and getting the best look means evening them out. We technically recommend you do your cuticle work now. Apply a bit of cuticle oil and start peeling back the unwanted and healthy sections to make them go away. This will get your nails look nice and tidy. Buff your nails afterwards to help remove the various scratches that might have happened during any of the previous steps to provide that even finish we were referring to before. Don’t forget to use the part of the buffer that makes your nails shine either. The healthy, natural glow you get will look beautiful in many lights. We do advise you to remember that regular maintenance will be necessary after this to help maintain the look. Little scuffs and scratches will add up until you need to do the whole process again. Nail oil treatments and good care overall will extend the life of your manicure though.

An au natural manicure is a good way to get back in touch with the beauty of your natural nails. It can be different to go back to bare nails if you’ve spent long enough wearing polish, but the result is worth it. Seeing the beauty your own body is capable of feels just as good, if not better, than what polish can do for you. Try experimenting this spring. Perhaps you’ll find your new favorite way to do your nails.

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