Masks offer a lot of options depending on what they’re designed to do, but that does beg the question as to what precisely a mask is. For anyone just getting started in skin care, a mask is generally a skin care product explicitly called a particular kind of mask that gets applied all over the face. These masks often focus largely on acting as ways to cleanse the face. However, OROGOLD doesn’t believe this is all a mask needs to be. Ultimately, a mask can be any topical skin care product that you can leave on your skin for ten minutes or more soaking into your skin. This particular philosophy is best emphasized in the trend towards multi-masking in beauty circles.

General Masks
As discussed before, general masks focus more on the cleansing side of products in general. They help fight common skin issues or otherwise try to combat issues that cause them. A good example is a relatively standard drying mask. These products generally try to dry out the skin while applying beneficial ingredients alongside the main ones. The end result is your skin is left cleansed of oil and grime afterwards and a little revitalized. They typically dry and cake after application to give you an intuitive idea of when to remove them. Night masks are another version that are typically rich in ingredients benefit your face over a longer exposure and promote general health, but they do not always dry out like standard ones.

Targeted Masks
A targeted mask product often takes the form of products intended to fight acne or otherwise promote deep cleansing of the skin instead of a superficial surface cleaning. These use labels to specify their uses. If you have a particular skin care issue, then you can typically find it in the name of the product itself. What these are good for is almost exclusively what they are designed around helping with. In some ways this makes targeted masks ideal, but in others it makes them less ideal. The specialized aspects are not always good for your whole face and can even negatively impact areas of a different skin type than they are meant for use with. As a result, OROGOLD suggests a more flexible approach.

Multi-masking combines the targeted masks and similar products to create a customized skin care regime that targets all areas of your face as you need them to be targeted. If you have oily cheeks, then apply a product there designed to help dry out oily skin. By contrast, a healthy moisturizing product for a dry t-zone applied alongside the former will ensure you’re not neglecting your t-zone. Multi-masks essentially condense a skin care regime into a single treatment ranging from ten to thirty minutes during which you get to relax and allow your skin care knowledge to benefit you. It is the perfect expression of what masks can do for you.

There aren’t many rules to using masks beyond the instructions on any product you’re using for one. Be sure to keep a close eye on them as they vary from product to product and improper use of a product can damage your skin. That said, masks can do whatever you need them to do for your face thanks to their flexibility. OROGOLD suggests experimenting with products that work for you until you find the best combination for you skin. Your skin will appreciate the personalized approach.

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