We all want to look our best. That’s why we’re often so devoted to skincare. It requires us to expect a lot of ourselves and in return, we get to look beautiful and competent. This can be a tricky road sometimes though. All those little mistakes we made when learning to do makeup are little more than embarrassing memories for most of us, but they did still happen. Not all of our mistakes are necessarily over and done with though. Most of us have little mistakes that we still make without thinking. They’re the smaller ones that are relatively easy to do. Thinking that this means they don’t need to be stamped out is a recipe for disaster though because some of them could lead to you hurting your eyes. With that in mind, we’re going to review some of the common makeup mistakes that could accidentally damage your eyes.

Change It Up
Let’s be honest with one another, we’ve all let some makeup sit around for too long and used it long past the time when we should have replaced it. Busy lives lead to us taking shortcuts like this simply because we don’t have the time to replace things. It is understandable and yet it could lead to problems if you’re not careful. Eye makeup, like all makeup, does need to be replaced eventually. This doesn’t just apply to mascara either. Replace your makeup every few months to help keep it clean and healthy to use around your eyes. That are is particularly sensitive and the use and reuse of makeup does build up unwanted bacteria and grime in the makeup. It may be hard to say goodbye to a favorite, but rest easy in that you know you’re doing well by your eyes.

Store It Right
All makeup needs to be properly stored or it will suffer. We’re generally used to thinking of this mainly in the terms of our foundations and creams, but it does apply to your eye makeup as well. As a general rule, store all your makeup in a cool, dry, and dark place. This is because the makeup will potentially react to other conditions. Dry air is necessary as wet air can get into a makeup and contribute to a breakdown of compounds in it or otherwise foul it. Similarly, you want to keep it cool because many of our products are of a particular consistency. They need to stay that consistency to remain properly useful to us and as safe as expected. Lastly, keeping them in the dark doesn’t necessarily mean a cabinet, but you do need to keep makeup out of direct sunlight. It can break down compounds in products and foul them just as assuredly as warm, damp air can. All you need to do is put them in a drawer or keep your beauty area out of direct sunlight to achieve all these goals. Well, that and remember not to store your makeup in the bathroom.

Practice Proper Cleanliness
Many of us have our share of makeup tools for helping us get just the look we want. Brushes in particular tend to be common across makeup types. All of your application tools need to be cleaned fairly regularly. For similar reasons for why you need to replace your makeup regularly, you also need to clean makeup tools. The buildup of bacteria and grime in them can otherwise become a problem. Unclean tools in will contribute to further fouling new makeup and making them go bad sooner as well. In general, try to remember to clean makeup tools at least once every one to two weeks to prevent the buildup from getting too great. Treat it like exfoliating your skin. It needs to be done, but don’t overdo it or you’ll just end up wasting your time. Failing to clean makeup tools can lead to them introducing bacteria and grime to vulnerable areas that in turn cause infections and other problems.

The mistakes we’ve just highlighted are exceedingly common ones. They’re also nothing to be ashamed of ultimately because of how common they are. You do need to make sure you’re not making them though to help minimize potential damage to your eyes in various ways. The biggest potential sources of damage will always be bacteria from poor cleanliness behaviors. All of us can help minimize the chance of exposure easily though.

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