Looking your best in winter can take a lot of forms. Most of us keep an eye on winter fashion trends as the season comes up so that we have an idea of what to wear, but how well you take care of your looks also plays a part. Many people enjoy having a winter tan, one way or another, to help maintain a healthy look despite the cold weather. Obviously, the tan shouldn’t be as deep as it would be in summer, but even a light tan looks healthy when most people don’t look like they’re getting enough sun. How do you maintain a winter tan though? Are there ways you should avoid? These are valid questions to ask when it comes to understanding how to keep the look you want. Let’s review the best and healthiest ways for you to actually maintain a winter tan. This way you can keep looking as healthy as you please without worrying about if you’re actually damaging your skin.

DO Sunless Tan
A lot of us are used to the common wisdom that sunless tanning product or “bottle tans” don’t look particularly good. This is a holdover from when the products were comparatively young and frequently resulted in slightly inhuman skin tones that made what you’d been doing fairly obvious. The industry has come a long way since those days and most decent quality sunless tanning products are incredibly natural now. The best ones work in an additive way. This means that they gradually build up the tan through repeated uses rather than attempting to give you the healthy color all at once. Not only does it look more natural overall, it also creates the appearance of the natural process of repeated tanning sessions gradually building up your tan. This way of getting and maintaining a winter tan is really your only healthy option when it comes down to it, but also quite easy. You can do other things to help this along too.

DO NOT Suntan
This means both outside and inside tanning beds. We have to regularly stress this point regardless of the season. If you don’t know why, then you’re in for a slightly unnerving bit of education here. You shouldn’t be tanning outside because it involves prolonged exposure to UV rays. Yes, sunscreen helps, but tanning generally involves using weaker forms of the sunscreen to let more through. That tan you covet so much is actually a sign that your skin is being damaged and trying to protect itself. That isn’t good at any time of the year. Tanning beds are even worse. These contraptions put you incredibly close to sources of UV rays in the name of “beauty” and do so much more harm than good it is a wonder that anyone still uses them. Avoid both of these if you actually intend to take proper care of your skin or you’ll end up regretting it later. Fortunately, you can still get a decent tan despite these restrictions.

DO Help Your Skin
All forms of tanning work better if you’re maintaining your skin properly. You’ll want to exfoliate before you start using your sunless tanning product. This ensures that the product will have the longest last impact on the apparent tone of your skin. You’ll find the tan lasts long as the tan is deeper in your skin than it otherwise would be. Regularly exfoliating and applying the tanner will keep your look for longer if you ever need to stop maintaining it for a little while. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that you keep your skin regularly moisturized. The previous tip works by reducing the amount of naturally shed skin that will absorb the tanner. This step helps prevent the skin from drying out and increasing the rate of shedding. Of course, you should be regularly moisturizing your skin already to keep it properly hydrated regardless. Think of this as simply an extra reminder to keep up that healthy habit.

Maintaining a healthy looking winter tan is quite easy. You simply need to make sure you’re using a reliable sunless tanning product while taking proper care of your skin. Make sure to read the directions of the product carefully to ensure you can get the right seasonal balance to your look. The end result will be a healthier looking you all winter.

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