We use a lot of different ingredients in the skin care industry and each one has its place. Hyaluronic acid works wonders for hydrating skin while alpha hydroxy acids help cleanse the skin. Vitamin E helps fortify and repair the skin, and works well alongside vitamin C. The litany goes on and on like a real life witch’s brew of beauty. Vitamin C is actually a widely used ingredient and most people think of it as coming from oranges. In reality, it comes from a number of citrus fruits. You can even find it in lime peel extract. The concentration isn’t necessarily as high as it would be in other ingredients, but the vitamin remains a useful component of skin care. OROGOLD would like to touch on the uses for lime peel extract in skin care so you’re aware of how useful the ingredient can be. This way you’ll be better informed when looking for high-quality products.

Vitamin C
As we highlighted, you can find vitamin C within lime peel extract. This vitamin is most know for helping to rejuvenate the skin. The form the vitamin C comes in is important though. For most citrus fruits, you’re going to get the vitamin C is the form of ascorbic acid. This acid is capable of helping cleanse the skin on contact. This is further bolstered by the citric acid in citrus fruits. It makes products using them good cleansers, but what really makes Vitamin C so widely enjoyed is that it penetrates the upper layers of the skin to help promote collagen production. This helps give skin it’s shape and helps the skin fill in fine lines and other malformations in the skin to leave it smooth and youthful looking.

Natural Chemical Exfoliant
OROGOLD wishes to return your attention to the fact that vitamin C is an acid and that lime peels likewise have citric acid. Citric acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). You’ve likely seen that label on acne wash products and similar chemical exfoliating products. These products use acids to do more than clear away grime from the skin. The acid gets past the layer of dead skin cells on top of your skin and dissolves their connection to the lower layers. Healthier skin is revealed as you wash away the dead skin cells. This gives your skin a natural looking glow. These benefits are from any chemical exfoliant ultimately, but it makes for a powerful combination when put alongside the skin benefits gained from the nutrients common to the extract.

Acne Fighting Properties
A final benefit to look into is the fact that lime peel extract inherits an anti-microbial property thanks to its acidic nature. Citric acid may just be an AHA, but it remains an effective way to bypass the oils of your skin. This allows it to get into your pores and kill the bacteria responsible for acne. There are several known strains of acne bacteria, but it appears to be relatively effective against all strains. Trace amounts of the extract will be left after using a product with it in it, and this should be enough to help slow the return of the bacteria after washing your face. In addition, the removal of the excess oil will help stop the environment that allowed the bacteria to flourish from forming again too quickly. Lime peel extract is actually a good ingredient for acne products.

Citrus fruit extracts have a distinct place in skin care. The nutrients in them are more than enough to make them interesting to OROGOLD and other companies, but their additional properties make them even more useful. Lime peel extract is not the most common ingredient citrus extract. We are proud to use it in one of our serums. You’re most likely to find extracts in such products thanks to their potency. Even if a friend swears by products using a lemon peel extract, don’t be afraid to try a lime one. Both share a number of positive benefits.

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