While you may already be familiar with licorice in candy, many do not know that licorice root is one of the oldest remedies in human history, and is also known as the ‘king of natural medicines’. Related to beans and peas, the plant is native to Southern Europe, as well as to certain parts of Asia. Recently, licorice has been discovered to have a whole host of skin care benefits, from helping to treat certain skin conditions to having powerful anti-inflammatory properties. OROGOLD takes a closer look at this incredible ingredient.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties for Treating Troubled Skin
Many studies have been carried out concerning the effect that licorice root can have on certain skin conditions. They discovered that when it comes to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, licorice is able to help relieve swelling, itching and redness. It has also been found that licorice root is an effective treatment for rosacea, as well as atopic dermatitis, likely due to its anti-inflammatory properties. These studies used skin care products that only contained one to two percent licorice root, showing that its effectiveness is apparent even in low doses.

Fading Dark Spots
Dark spots and blemishes can be a nightmare to cover up, and while there are many products on the market that try to address these issues, only a few of them are actually successful. Licorice root contains an active ingredient called glabridin, which is able to reduce hyperpigmentation. Glabridin contains five specific flavonoids that are able to depigment skin, lightening any dark spots, while also blocking the enzyme that causes existing dark spots to turn even darker. It can also be used on dark under eye circles, as well as to help fade any scars. Currently, a chemical called hydroquinone is used in many lightening products, but many people have an adverse reaction to this. If this is the case, OROGOLD highly recommends taking a look at products that contain licorice root instead.

While the anti-inflammatory and skin lightening properties of licorice root may be the most appealing of its advantages, it also contains antioxidants that help to fight the free radicals that damage your skin. Licorice root contains licochalcone, an ingredient that helps to control the skin’s oil production, and this can help to prevent clogged pores, leading to a much smoother and clearer complexion. This makes it an ideal ingredient to look out for if you frequently experience acne or regular breakouts.

When it comes to purchasing products that contain licorice root, OROGOLD reminds you that it can often be listed on ingredient labels as dipotassium glycyrrhizate. While you are able to purchase the roots themselves, which you would then boil in water, if you are often strapped for time then you may find it easier to purchase a bottle of licorice root extract. With all of these great skin benefits, licorice root is definitely an ingredient that OROGOLD recommends you add to your skin care arsenal!

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