Travel is one of those things that can have a distinct effect on your skin without you knowing it. This is an important thing to remember if you’re a world traveler. After all, what good is making all the effort you can to improve your skin only to have your travels throw the results of your routine off? There are particular effects that we can all keep in mind when traveling to help reduce the potential for damage. These tend to be related to local environmental factors such as overall sun exposure, ambient temperatures, and the amount of humidity available in the air. These may seem like small things, but we need to work against them to keep our skin healthy. The general guidelines we’re going to discuss will minimize your chances of encountering a particular problem. These general tips should help most people, but extreme skin types might need more specialized help in some cases. With that in mind, let’s take a quick look at some of the main potential effects of traveling on your skin and how to counter them.

Dry Air, Dry Skin
This tends to be a trait we should be a little more prepared for than we typically are since we deal with it seasonally. Travel to dry climates such as desert or dry grassland environments necessarily means there is a certain level of dry air that we all have to expect. Furthermore, we need to stay alert to this in alpine climates as well thanks to the cold air often being dry as well. Exposure to dry air works against our skin by siphoning moisture away from your skin at a slow yet constant rate over the course of exposure. You need to use the right products to help counteract this problem and ensure that your skin’s moisture barrier is overall uncompromised. A good moisturizer, as well as good moisturizing habits, will keep your skin as healthy as possible in this matter. Remember to use moisturizers that suit your skin type and to apply them after you’ve finished showering, but before you open the current to trap as much moisture as possible.

Sun Exposure Woes
We all live in different environments before we start traveling. The climates of these environments enjoy separate levels of cloud cover and overall sun levels at every part of the year. Travel tends to take us to areas that are entirely different in that aspect. It is worth keeping that in mind as counteracting the level of sun exposure you’re experiencing is key to keeping your skin healthy. Try to remember this when traveling to tropical climates in particular thanks to their overall higher rating of sun exposure compared to other parts of the world. A good mineral sunscreen tends to be your best option due to the fact that these reflect UV rays rather than absorb them, but a standard chemical sunscreen is still serviceable. Just make sure that you’re getting broad spectrum protection of SPF 30 or higher to avoid getting extra sun damage from your travel. That way your skin will remain healthy despite your travels.

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Heat and Oil
Concerns surrounding the outside temperature tend to be something we focus on in summer wherever we are as we try to cope. This is important to keep in mind when traveling as counteracting the effects of the temperature on your skin is an important step in keeping it healthy. Remember that higher ambient temperatures mean we sweat more than usual. Sweat on its own isn’t a bad thing, but it can become a problem thanks to its propensity to move around other things. Sweat tends to dislodge dirt and debris along the way and then flow into our pores where the debris gets deposit and mix with our natural oils as they are secreted. This ends up creating clogged pores where captured bacteria can end up multiplying and cause breakouts as well as other skin issues. Stay hydrated while traveling and remember to bathe regularly to help cleanse your skin of the sweat and keep it looking its best.

Staying alert to the potential effects of the local environment on your skin is necessary when traveling. Our skin will be affected whether or not we take precautions and it is simply better to prepare rather than be frustrated at the results of not preparing. Nothing takes that much extra effort to work against and making the effort will help keep your skin healthy. Keeping your skin in good shape will help you look your best while traveling and not just when you’re at home.

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