Most people think of algae as being entirely composed of microscopic organisms that get eaten at the lowest ends of the food chain. In truth, kelp is a large form of brown algae known for a variety of useful properties. OROGOLD has previously discussed the use of algae in skin care, but this was in the context of using the smaller forms of algae directly in a product. Kelp is seeing more use in skin care as an extract rather than in its full form. This actually helps bypass some of the reservations OROGOLD previously touched on regarding the skin’s ability to actually absorb nutrients from algae. As a result, we’d like to revisit the topic by talking about what we currently know about the use of kelp extract in skin care. So far, it is actually looking like a decent addition to the skin care family.

Unsurprisingly for a water plant, kelp extract appears to have a distinctly powerful moisturizing effect. How this happens depends on who you ask, but at least some people connect it with the comparatively high concentration of iodine. No one is quite sure of how this helps precisely, but it does appear to work. One of the best parts about the extract as an ingredient is that the concentration of iodine lends anti-bacterial properties to the extract so that it can help cleanse pores of acne-causing bacteria at the same time that the skin receives nourishing moisture. This helps bypass the typical pattern of using a cleanser that dries the skin and then applying a moisturizer. As a bonus, the extract likewise enjoys a reputation for having anti-inflammation properties. This makes products using the extract particularly good for acne prone skin.

Supporting Your Skin
Additionally, the nutrients found in brown algae have particularly useful benefits to anti-aging products. The extract is able to penetrate the skin and seems to encourage both collagen and elastin production. These are important for keeping the shape of the skin. OROGOLD has touched on this before when discussing specific vitamins, but we’ll give a brief overview here. Collagen is the layer of connective tissue in your skin that helps keep the layers of your skin together. In addition, it provides a lot of structural support. Acne scars and similar skin deformations are where the collagen has collapsed and remains thinner than other locations. Elastin acts as a companion compound that allows your skin to both move and return to its original position once it has finished moving. A decrease in collagen and elastin is your skin is associated with the formation of wrinkles.

Antioxidants Abound
One of the final benefits of the extract is that kelp, like other brown algaes, is full of antioxidant compounds. These compounds are also beneficial when it comes to fighting off signs of aging. They operate differently from the others that help boost collagen and elastin production though. These help deal with the signs of aging caused by sun damage. Sun damage is credited with introducing free radicals into the skin that continually degrade your skin and make it harder for your skin’s natural repair processes to keep it healthy. Introducing antioxidants to your skin is typically said to help remove the free radicals so that you have less damage happening to your skin. When combined with proper sun protection, it offers a way to keep your skin healthier and more resilient as you age.

Using a kelp extract in a product ensures that all the potential benefits of using algae to help your skin are actually possible. The extract is able to penetrate the skin far better than actual algae ever can. Products that use the extract in combination with other products will typically formulate them to pair with other compounds that allow the active ingredients to penetrate the skin even more effectively. OROGOLD encourages you to consider using a product utilizing kelp extract in your skin care routines, but don’t forget to keep exfoliating for the best benefits from all your products.

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