Trying to ensure we do what we can to avoid major signs of aging is a constant task. It involves making sure that we’re aware of what we do that can hurt our skin and remembering to use the right products to counteract the problem. Unfortunately, some areas of our skin are harder to tend to than others. These areas of skin tend to be among the most sensitive and thin parts of our skin where both damage and care can have a profound effect on our long-term outcomes. This is especially true for the area around and below your areas. These areas tend to be the thinnest skin on your body and as a result, begin showing signs of aging before anywhere else. A clear focus on using proper anti-aging products and techniques can go a long way towards helping avoid having your eyes revealing your age for you. We’ve got a few suggestions on some of the better approaches to use that will help you avoid this problem.

Eye Serums and Creams
Specialized products exist to help provide the most effective treatment for the area around the eyes. These tend to favor utilizing anti-aging compounds such as retinol to a large effect. Most of the time you’ll find these products are meant to be used at night as a result. Retinol sensitizes your skin to sunlight when it is used and as a result, it is good for night products as your skin has all night to recover. Other compounds used in these products tend to be vitamins C and E. These, in particular, are perfect for nourishing maturing skin and providing it with the nutrients it needs to counteract the signs of aging. Those two vitamins, in particular, play a role in helping to promote collagen production in the skin. Collagen, as a primary structural protein in the body, helps to fill out your skin and its absence in your skin is what leads to wrinkling and difficulty healing. Promoting your skin’s overall health by nourishing it with products reach in these ingredients will help your skin look and feel youthful longer.

Good Grooming
Hair tends to get sparser as we mature or we start paying a little less attention to a certain area. Letting you attention lapse on your eyebrows and lashes can end up making you appear a bit older than you are despite it only taking a few simple corrections. Remember that keeping your brows looking full is a good way to look younger. They tend to thin comparatively early compared to other areas and can be thinned from bad plucking habits in one’s youth or having your eyebrows threaded too often. A good brow brush or pencil goes a long way towards helping maintain a look of fullness to your eyebrows. Additionally, don’t forget to pay attention to your lashes. Eyelash curlers can also do you a favor as they create a fuller look to lashes while providing them with a naturally attractive curl that speaks of youth. These simple grooming techniques do a lot to help keep your eyes and the area around them look that much more youthful.

Woman sleeping on white bed

Get Some Sleep
Those tell-tale bags under the eyes and dark circles around them tend to age all of us horribly. They don’t look good. They’re hard to properly disguise. The best solution is to work against their most common cause: not getting enough sleep. Beauty sleep isn’t a throwaway joke. Your body literally uses the time you’re sleeping to do all of the repairs that it can to your body. Without it, your skin doesn’t keep itself in good repair and areas that move a lot, such as around your eyes, tend to experience collagen thinning. This allows subsurface blood flow to shine through and creates those dark circles and bags. Getting enough sleep each night helps minimize this problem. Remember to try to go to sleep at the same time each night to ensure that your brain knows when you’re supposed to be sleeping. Turn lights lower in the evening to avoid making your brain overly active too. Lastly, turn off all those alarms and alerts from your devices that aren’t the ones meant to wake you up to start your day. Regularly getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to minimizing the signs of aging.

Focusing on anti-aging around your eyes involves taking varied steps. The way to keep your eyes looking youthful is a combination of habits, product choice, and grooming the area properly. Those of us who make the effort will help defy the reputation for eyes being telling as to someone’s true age. After all, who doesn’t like looking just a little bit timeless?

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