Many of us have considered cosmetic surgery at one point or another. There’s no denying that there always seems to be that one thing about our appearance that bothers us. The chances of this goes up as we age and our skin becomes less adept at taking care of itself. A good procedure can be all it takes to correct the problem and help us feel confident about our appearance again. The effect can be subtle yet dramatic and leave people wondering exactly what you’ve done with yourself. Is there any real reason to tell them? A good cosmetic procedure will leave little to nothing in the way of obvious marks and the effects can be easily dismissed if you’re clever and quiet about it. It is easier than you might thing to make people just think you’re looking that much better for no obvious reason. We’ve got a few suggestions on how to do just that so that you don’t feel self-conscious about bringing up having a cosmetic procedure.

Doctor’s Orders
There is no denying that the best thing you can do to keep the results looking natural is to follow your doctor’s orders after the procedure. Every cosmetic procedure has at least a little aftercare required to ensure your skin settles and the affected areas heal as smoothly as possible. This is especially true when you’re getting a cosmetic surgery. Incisions need to be properly cared for to ensure the scarring is minimal. Most of the time you will be given a few clear instructions on how to treat the affected area in the time after the procedure. You’ll generally need to be careful around the area and avoid putting excess strain on it. Sometime you may need to apply specific products to it to help promote faster and cleaner healing. Making the effort to properly follow the doctor’s orders will help ensure that any scars are as faint as possible and easily disguised by makeup if they’re even in an easy to see place.

Woman getting haircut

Change Up Your Look
Another good way you can help your cause, other than helping things properly heal, is shifting enough things visually that no one will consciously notice the results of the cosmetic procedure. A new haircut is a popular way of achieving this particular effect. It provides a distinct and obvious visual cue that something has changed and draws all attention to itself. This prevents anyone from noticing more subtle procedures that simply fix an unwelcome shift in appearance such as fixing a drooping area of the nose. You can also try experimenting with a new look for makeup or personal style as well. The catch on those is that you’ll need to be more careful as makeup in just the right place might highlight the change or a larger cosmetic procedure that helped removed excess weight might be defined more clearly with a new outfit or two. Remember the goal is to draw attention away from a change, but not to change things so much that people give your entire appearance greater scrutiny.

Stay Subtle
A good way to keep being subtle with your procedure is to favor those procedures that don’t take up excessive recovery times. There are an increasing number of non-invasive procedures available that can help correct plenty of cosmetic issues. You can lose weight relatively quickly and effective with certain forms of shaping procedure as well as having subtle issues such as drooping corrected with an injected dermal filler. These procedures are not only typically outpatient affairs, but they are so small and subtle that it is hard for anyone to really notice the shift even though the results can restore a lot of our confidence. Additionally, the aftercare tends to be relatively simple and easily healed from without it requiring intensive focus. This makes them an incredibly good option if you don’t want any major work done, but there is something that you just can’t ignore that keeps bothering you. Most non-invasive procedures are quick, safe, and highly effective. We do wish to stress that the weight loss options do take time and that can add to the natural seeming shift in overall weight that disguises the procedure.

There’s no reason to be ashamed about getting a cosmetic procedure. Plenty of people have them done each day to help them feel and look like their best self. It isn’t like you have to tell everyone that you had a procedure done though. Taking good care of recovering areas and providing other cues to distract people from noticing any cosmetic work you’ve had done can help keep it your little secret. That way you can go on feeling more confident without feeling like someone might undermine it by crediting the procedure rather than your underlying appearance.

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