Many of us have a regular beauty routine. Contrary to some people’s opinions, beauty routines aren’t about vanity. They are about doing what we need to do to see ourselves. These routines are self-affirming and allow us to ensure that we look like the best version of ourselves at any given point. There is nothing wrong with wishing to feel confident and happy with one’s appearance. Part of why we have to do this is because so much of the world outside of ourselves tends to tell us that we are not our best self. It tells us that there are flaws to find and see. This wears down on us and as a result, we end up adding on to our beauty routines to help counteract things that other people find as flaws. Why though? Sometimes it is best to learn to internalize the knowledge of one’s own beauty. It isn’t easy, but there are some things we can all do to help us on that path.

Make Time For Yourself
Part of why people can convince us not to think highly of ourselves is that we often spend less time than we should with ourselves. Our lives place constant demands on us that mean we constantly do our best to try to do what we need to do to meet the expectations placed on us. Unfortunately, it doesn’t leave much time for ourselves. We need to learn to make the time to be with ourselves though. This means making the time to relax and enjoy the things that make us who we are. Indulging in our favorite hobbies and being around the people we care about help us to reinforce our sense of self. Knowing who we are and holding on to that sense of self-help to anchor us in our own thoughts rather than those of others. This ultimately makes us better able to view ourselves in a positive light as we know who we are by comparison to the images others might give us. As a result, we can better resist other people’s opinions.

Know Your Body
Beauty routines are often partly a way to help us work towards a positive image of our face and body. After all, the purpose is to help us look like our best selves. Part of what allows people to get us to think poorly of ourselves is being unfamiliar with our body or finding it unwelcoming. Exercise can help with this as one has to become familiar with how the body moves and its limits to make the most of the exercise. A practice like yoga can be particularly good for this thanks to its meditative aspect. The smooth movements expected in most yoga classes require the person involved to have a high awareness of their body. This builds over time and awareness of one’s body, in turn, allows one to become familiar with it. This familiarity begins to make it harder for anyone to make us doubt our own beauty. In many ways, this internal familiarity and awareness of our bodies are one of the best ways of internalizing our beauty routines.

Woman meditating at home

Making time to enjoy the things that define you is part of knowing yourself as much as engaging in a practice like yoga. They help to treat both the mind and the body in such a way that it helps to ground you within your own expectations and not the expectations of another. This can be built upon by engaging in some form of meditation as well. Meditation, in many ways, is about removing all factors of the world from your mind. This includes you. Some traditions view this as a goal by helping to reduce ego or fixation on the self. In truth, meditative practices are a good way to simply ground the spirit. Meditation makes us take a step back from a hectic world and gain perspective on what is available to us and what needs to be done to keep it. A grounding habit like this, in turn, allows us to have a clearer picture of what someone else’s views of us actually matter and in turn lets us hold on to our positive view of ourselves better.

Internalizing one’s beauty routine doesn’t involve any special products or procedures. It involves knowing who you are, what you value about you, and acknowledging no one can take that from you without your permission. Acknowledging yourself and enjoying what you enjoy will help cultivate this within you. In turn, this will allow all the effort you put into your beauty routine to pay off as you’ll be better able to sees the results without the words of someone else obstructing your vision.

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