Trying to eat healthier can often feel like a challenge for many reasons. Breaking bad eating habits tends to be one of the biggest problems. After all, it feels a lot more convenient to just grab a quick bite to eat while you’re out than to take the time to cook when you get home. Life keeps moving whether we need to pause and eat. Another factor that often comes into play even after we’ve broken the tendency to grab what is convenient is the simple fact that eating things that are in season tends to be necessary. The less travel the food has to go through and the more in season it is will generally result in a better quality food. That’s part of why the availability and price of certain vegetable fluctuate throughout the year. A good habit is to plant your own wellness garden full of healthy foods for each season. This will keep you focused on eating well and give you fresh and delightful foods available right in your own backyard. Let’s take a look at some good fall options.

Amusingly enough, everyone’s favorite “superfood” is going to be in season soon and just as useful for helping to promote your overall health. This dark, leafy green is usable in numbers of ways. The greens tend to be a good addition to a salad, but you can also use them in various dishes for an extra kick of health. This is thanks to the high concentration of vitamins in kale and many of its relatives. Kale has particularly high concentrations of vitamins A and C as well as several forms of B. This makes it supportive for various aspects of your body ranging from your skin’s health to your body’s immune system. Making the most of it will mean ensuring you get a decent amount of kale though. Consequently, consider looking for fall recipes that use it and other vegetables to give you a healthy and colorful taste of fall.

Woman holding a pumpkin while patting her dog

These generally need to be planted earlier in the year. Most sources tell you to plant them towards the middle of summer to ensure they are ready to harvest at the appropriate time of fall. That doesn’t make them the best choice if you’re just now starting a fall wellness garden, but they can make an excellent addition to next year’s garden. Pumpkins tend to get looked over by a lot of people for some reason. They are often viewed as either decorations or a component of a dessert rather than a potentially healthy source of foods. This form of squash is not only tasty when prepared correctly, but the brilliant colors associated with the vegetable mean it is just as full of nutrients as any other option. Vitamins A, C, and E are all found in abundance in a serving of pumpkin as well as plenty of flavonoids from the pigments that support your health in subtle yet meaningful ways. It makes them an excellent addition to most people’s diets during the fall.

Smiling woman holding carrots

The common wisdom is to eat carrots to support your eyesight, but these tasty vegetables are good for so much more. One often overlooked benefit is that most of us eat the majority of a carrot is that they are excellent sources of fiber when eaten raw. The slightly sweet flavor makes them a bit more palatable than some of the other options out there that can help us get our fiber for the day. Carrots are also decently rich in various useful nutrients as well. The heaviest concentration definitely belongs to vitamin A though with plenty of it being directly available in the vegetable as well as various compounds that the human body turns into vitamin A. There are plenty of other benefits including a good dose of vitamin K as well as potassium. It doesn’t hurt that carrots also have a decent amount of flavonoids as well thanks to their orange pigmentation. So consider carrots as a nice healthy option.

A fall wellness garden is a good way to help yourself stay focused on your health. Certain foods will be your best friends each season and offer you a way to eat well and still enjoy what you’re eating. Make sure to look for other potential foods to include in your garden, no matter the time of year, to ensure that you have good food all year round. Don’t forget to check for the best planting time to ensure good results. This will make your gardening experience far easier on you.

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