Winter is a fun season for a lot of us. There’s plenty of celebrations with food, family, and friends all the while various decorations go up. It is very much a season of light even if the months themselves are darker than average. The sad part about that is that those lower light levels can stop some of us from being able to properly enjoy the winter season in all its joy and beauty. This is because the wiring of our brains slightly depends on overall light levels for keeping the amount of serotonin in our brains at healthy levels. Without the serotonin at proper levels, our moods tend to fall and become more erratic. It is particularly pronounced in people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). There are plenty of things all of us can do to counter the winter blues though.

There are actually a lot of good things about eating your share of fish during the winter. The one that will help you the most though is that protein goes a long way when it comes to helping you remain energetic even during the winter. Some studies have also suggested that various amino acids found in certain kind of fish, especially salmon, can actually help improve your mood. Omega-3 fatty acids are available in great abundance from fish too. These are also associated with more stable and upbeat moods when eaten in a healthy amount. It should be noted that this effect is typically only particularly pronounced in more mild cases of depressed mood though. You’ll also find that omega-3 fatty acids are actually quite good for your skin as well and can help you retain moisture better in cold, dry winter air. Fish may not be the first thing you think of in winter, but they may become your best friend when it comes to staving off the winter blues.

Milk and Eggs
We generally think of milk and eggs as things to avoid thanks to the countless health warnings that flood the news cycles regularly. Milk is and isn’t good for you! Eggs will give you a heart attack except when they won’t! It can be confusing to say the least. The truth is that both of them are actually good for you when taken in the proper amounts. Most of western society, but especially the United States, has a bit of a problem with portions when it comes to potentially problematic foods. Milk and eggs are actually really useful to you during winter for a very specific reason: vitamin D. Both milk and egg yolks are actually quite rich in the vitamin. You’ll want this as lower sun exposure over the course of the winter means you’re getting less vitamin D already and that in turn magnifies the negative symptoms you’ll already be experiencing. Just don’t go overboard with either of these and you should be fine.

Eat Your Greens
It may seem cliché, but you really do need to do this. Dark, leafy greens in particular are packed with tons of powerful and much needed vitamins and nutrients. They’re integral to a healthy diet for this very reason. The nutrients help your body keep everything comparatively normal. You want them so that your body remains healthy, resilient, and energetic. Additionally, the fiber in many fruits and vegetables is also really good for your health and mood. It helps regulate your blood sugar. If it gets too high, your mood will have problems too. We’re recommending fiber because it’s hard to stay away from sweets over the various winter holidays, but if you can do that it will go much farther to helping you keep your mood on the upswing. Try to add some color to things though with peppers, carrots, and other deeply colored vegetables. These are also full of useful nutrients that will help you stay happy and healthy through the winter.

Eating right is the key component for a lot of elements of health. If you don’t really think about it that much, you might want to consider starting to pay more attention to your diet this winter. It can help if you’re prone to feeling a bit down in winter for no apparent reason. Don’t forget to combine a good diet with talking to your doctor though. Tackling the problem in multiple ways can help you ensure that you get to enjoy life just like everyone else.

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