OROGOLD 24K Termica Collection

The 24K Termica Collection from OROGOLD Cosmetics is often called the heating collection because of the heating sensations that its products offer to the skin. This collection contains an exciting set of products that heat up to the right temperature when they come in contact with your skin to let you know that they are really working. Each product in this collection also contains a number of exciting vitamins, nutrients, essential oils and antioxidants. This makes the 24K Termica Collection one of the most popular OROGOLD collections. To help customers answer one of their most frequently asked questions, ORO GOLD comes up with an article that explains how to use the 24K Termica Collection. 

24K Termica Activation Serum
The 24K Termica Activation Serum is a powerful serum that helps you fight the appearance of aging signs and prevents your skin from looking old. You need to add this serum into your daily skin care regimen for best results. Apply the serum after cleansing your face and patting the skin dry. Pay particular attention to your deep facial lines. 

24K Termica Completion Cream
The 24K Termica Completion Cream is a beautiful lightweight product that needs to be added to your morning skin care routine. Apply the cream as a part of your morning skin care routine after cleansing your skin. Take a generous amount of the product and massage it using soft circular motions on your face and neck area. Make sure that you wait for a minimum of 10 minutes before you follow up with your cosmetics.

24K Termica Facial Expression Night Repair
The ORO GOLD 24K Termica Facial Expression Night Repair is a rich night cream that has been designed to be used as a part of your nightly skin care regimen. This cream lets your skin rejuvenate itself by getting rid of the damaged appearance caused by things like pollution, dirt, and other external factors. Start off by cleansing your skin. After cleansing, pat your skin dry, making sure that you leave some amount of moisture on your skin. Use a generous amount of the product and apply all over the face and neck area using gentle circular motions. Massage for about 30 seconds.

24K Termica Energizing Mask
The 24K Termica Energizing Mask is one of our most exciting products. It offers customers an exciting solution to younger looking skin and is certainly one of the most luxurious ways to take care of the skin. The 24K Termica Energizing Mask needs to be used 1 – 2 times a week, after cleansing your face. Apply the mask on slightly moist skin and massage with circular motions. Leave it alone for 15 minutes and rinse using cool water. 

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