In a perfect world, we’d all get enough sleep and wake up looking flawless. Unfortunately, reality seldom agrees with any of us on that subject. You end up needing to work late or something comes up with a friend and before you know it is well past the time you normally crawl into bed. When you get there, it seems like only an instant before the alarm is going off for the fifth time and you need to definitely get moving if you’re going to be on time. So how can you look well rested if the world isn’t going to help you? OROGOLD understands the hectic pace of life means we don’t always get the time we need for rest. You don’t have to worry about it being a problem unless not getting enough sleep becomes a lasting issue. Instead, you can use a few of these tricks to look rested on those days where there doesn’t seem to be time for anything.

Curl Your Lashes
Part of looking awake and alert is how open your eyes appear to be. You can trick your way towards larger seeming eyes by curling your eyelashes. It takes a moment, yes, but it will help you look brighter and more alert. We’d like to stress that this is a particularly important step if you use much eye makeup. You should curl your lashes before you start applying anything else. Follow this up with your typical eye makeup routine for eyes that stand out. This works equally well with more obvious makeup and nudes, but it is likely the curling will help more with nudes by creating a subtle effect that isn’t as obvious as more colorful makeup. Don’t forget to use mascara to help hold your lashes in place after curling though!

Exfoliation is good for all of your skin even if you need to carefully select products for some areas. A good exfoliating product will help your skin appear younger and healthier by reducing fine lines and removing excess dead skin that dulls your appearance. You seldom want to use a typical exfoliating product around your eyes though as they tend to be a bit potent on their own. OROGOLD recommends a cleansing or exfoliating mask instead. These tend to be comparatively gentle next to a pure exfoliating product and some of them only require a relatively short application. A good mask that you only need to wear as long as your coffee brews will help clean up your appearance and give it a positive boost without slowing your down in the morning. Just remember not to rely too much on the coffee as that can lead to bags under your eyes.

Play With Temperature
One trick you can use even if you don’t have most of your beauty supplies with you only takes a washcloth. Warm the water up to a comfortable temperature and soak the washcloth. Ring it out so it won’t drip all over you, and then place it over your face. If you have the time to relax for around ten minutes, the warm moisture will help wake your skin up by moisturizing it some and encouraging blood flow. This will stop you from looking quite as tired as you are. You can follow this up with a couple of quick splashes of cold water for a healthy look by making your skin react to the cold. Combining to two will give you a comparatively quick route to a natural, healthy glow when you’re otherwise deprived.

OROGOLD does wish to stress that none of these tips are a substitute for getting enough rest. You should do what it takes to ensure you sleep enough more often than not or there will be more effects on your health than simply looking tired. These tricks will help you with rough days though and to counter the generalized tired look we develop as we age. Just remember that your beauty routine is about emphasizing your natural beauty and you need to take care of yourself for that to shine through.

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