Acne can almost seem like a double punishment – not only do you have to deal with the pimples, but you also have to deal with the marks that they leave afterwards. Here at OROGOLD, we know how much they can drive people crazy, with ten million Americans each year being scarred to some extent by acne, and this is why we have put together some helpful tips on how to deal with acne marks.

Regular exfoliation can really help your acne marks to fade faster, since you are speeding up the process at which dead skin cells are being shed, revealing the fresh layer of skin beneath. While manual exfoliation may be the simplest option, chemical exfoliation is usually the best option for severe acne marks, as the products penetrate deep into the skin and work much faster.

While sunscreen is known to help prevent skin damage, when it comes to acne marks, sunscreen is essential to keep any existing marks from turning even darker. In addition to this, those of you who are regularly using chemical exfoliants in order to urge your marks to fade faster will need to protect their skin even further from the sun, as many of the chemicals used can make your skin much more sensitive to UV damage.

Skin Lighteners
Although exfoliation and sunscreen will help your marks to fade faster, what do you do when you need a more immediate effect? This is where skin lightening products come in, and there are a whole array of them available in stores. Hydroquinone is a common ingredient found in lightening products, but OROGOLD advises that you use them with caution and not too often, as this can not only cause a permanent grey pigmentation in that area, but hydroquinone has also been linked to cancer in quite a few studies. It is an ingredient that is banned in Europe and Asia, but still available in the US, so make sure that you are fully aware of the impact that it can have on your body before applying it to your skin. When purchasing a skin lightening product, OROGOLD strongly suggests that, rather than going on the claims that many products make, you do some research beforehand, ensuring that the active ingredients used are proven to have skin lightening properties.

Natural Remedies
There are many natural remedies out there that are known to tackle dark spots and help lighten and brighten the skin. Kojic acid, which is a pigment lightening agent produced by several fungi species, is great for this, as is vitamin C. Other ingredients and supplements to look out for include licorice extract, soy, mulberry extract and arbutin.

While acne marks can be extremely frustrating at times, keep in mind that they will eventually fade. The best thing that you can do for them is to help speed up the fading process, by exfoliating and making sure that your skin, especially any dark spots, are always protected by sunscreen.

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