Most of us are used to the standard idea of rinsing and cleansing during a skincare routine. We splash our faces with some lukewarm to warm water to get rid of the initial layers of debris and then reach for our favored product. Most of the time these products tend to focus on particular chemicals that help to dissolve the oils and grime on our face. Some of the chemicals used are even the same ones we find in chemical exfoliating products at lower concentrations. These work well enough, but people are increasingly looking to expand their skincare options. Face oils may be just the thing you’re looking for in that regard. While technically still made of chemicals, oils are highly appealing due to their overall simplicity and the fact that they can help your skin in multiple ways at once. Not everyone is familiar with the right way to use oils though. Let’s go over why people are choosing them and the appropriate way to use them so that you can make an informed decision.

Skipping The Downsides
There are entirely legitimate reasons that people prefer oils to standard cleansers. The similarity of some formulas to chemical exfoliants tends to have the potential for downsides. Dry skin is one of the most common ones. This tend to be because the cleanser ends up being all too effective at cleaning the skin and ends up dissolving more of the natural oils of your skin than intended. Some people can also have direct reactions to ingredients found in common cleansers. This tends to be a lower portion of the overall population though. Oils are comparatively gentle on the skin with less of a chance of causing issues. The oils used don’t mix with the oils of your skin while maintaining the same ability to get in places. This allows facial oils to slip by things and loosen them almost as readily as a standard cleanser. They frequently hydrate at the same time while helping to maintain your skin’s natural defenses.

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The Importance of Selection
We need to be clear here about what we’re talking about when we’re discussing face oils. There are plenty of tutorials and tips online suggesting you simply grab a pure oil and apply it directly to your face. This isn’t really the best idea in the world in some cases. Some natural oils aren’t going to be very skin friendly. You want to look for the products that maintain professionally blended and/or selected oils that won’t have any hidden problems with them. Grabbing something from your kitchen, so to speak, could result in causing irritated skin or causing more breakouts rather than less over time. We would especially like to stress that there are some essential oils that can be particularly harsh to the skin. Oils, as a general rule, are kinder to your skin, yes, but you need to be using the right ones in the right way. When you do, you can actually have some healthy expectations for the outcome.

What To Expect
Most of the time a face oil is going to do fairly well by your skin. It is a slightly better option for dry skin due to face oils contributing more hydration to skincare, but people with an average skin type can easily use them as well. We do need to stress that face oils aren’t necessarily the best option for people with oily skin. They can actually have negative effects instead. Regardless, most of the time you can expect relatively similar, but gentler benefits akin to those of a standard cleanser. Some oils can contribute extra nourishment to your skin though and boost health in particular areas depending on the primary oil involved or other ingredients. You may experience a slight increase in skin issues for the first one to two weeks in switching to a face oil while your skin adapts to the new treatment. It will fade with time though and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

A face oil is a perfectly acceptable way to care for your skin. You need only ensure that you’re using it correctly and be ready for the potential for an adjustment phase. An oil can be a good option for anyone with average to dry skin simply because it helps with hydration and is frequently gentler than a traditional cleanser. Just make sure to experiment with good quality oils packaged by people who know what they’re doing rather than trying random oils like some people would have you try.

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