Sensitive skin is becoming a problem with more and more people around the world, with up to 50% of women reporting having the condition at some point in their lives. However, there are certain things that you can do to reduce the impact that your sensitive skin has on your life. OROGOLD reviews how to avoid common sensitive skin issues.

Stay Away From Dairy and Gluten
Those who frequently suffer from eczema, hives or skin rashes should take a close look at their diet, as you may have a food sensitivity that you aren’t aware of. When it comes to gluten, OROGOLD suggests staying away from wheat breads, soy sauce, beer and cereals for a while, to see if it makes a difference to your skin. Milk proteins, which are found in dairy, can aggravate many allergies, especially eczema. For milk alternatives, try almond milk, coconut milk or even goat or sheep milk, as these do not trigger the same skin reactions as cow milk does.

Use as Few Products as Possible
If you seem to have suddenly developed sensitive skin, but have been using the same products for years, they could still be to blame. Allergies can develop at any point in your life, and, when it comes to cosmetics, even though a product may look and be packaged the same, their formula could still have been altered or adjusted, with a new ingredient added, which could be what is reacting with your skin. Work out a skin care routine that makes use of as few products as possible, and if you suspect a product may be causing irritation all of a sudden, stop using it immediately.

Perform a ‘Use Test’
When people with sensitive skin are trying out a new product, dermatologists always advise that they perform a ‘use test’. To do this, apply the product to a small part of your inner arm, and cover with a bandage. Keep the area dry for 72 hours before removing the bandage. If the skin is still smooth and intact, and shows no signs of having a reaction to the product, then it should be fine to use. However, if your skin has reacted to it, then it is proof of either an irritation or an allergy. OROGOLD advises that you immediately stop using the product, and, if you want to know for certain whether or not it’s an allergy, ask your skin doctor to perform a patch test.

Avoid Common Irritants
There are certain everyday irritants that you can avoid, to keep your skin as calm as possible. These include abrasive washcloths, hot water and any products that contain an acid, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid and retinol. If your anti-aging products contain retinol, swap these for ones that contain green tea extract or vitamin C instead, as these are also great anti-aging ingredients but won’t irritate the skin.

As frustrating as sensitive skin may be, there are certain things that you can do to avoid common problems. From cutting out dairy to reduce your eczema flare-ups to performing a ‘use test’ before applying new products, these tips should help keep your skin sensitivity under control.


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