When you only see chemical names on a product, it is easy to assume that most modern skin care products are composed only of compounds made in a lab. It may surprise you to know that many of the most valued ingredients in skin care were actually isolated from natural sources. We figured out why a given plant was useful for skin care and extracted or learned how to make the active ingredient. It should, therefore, come as little surprise that the industry continues to look to the natural world for useful skin care ingredients. One of the ones that OROGOLD particularly values is seaweed. This class of organism comes in a variety of forms ranging from the familiar kelp to smaller and lesser known types. Many of them remain among the lesser known ingredients in skin care, but it doesn’t make them any less useful.

Nature’s Remedy
One of the most useful aspects of seaweed is that they often possess natural anti-inflammatory properties. This lets them do things like combat eczema and acne without requiring the use of any harsher substances. The suppression of inflammation is useful on its own, but they also include a large variety of vitamins and nutrients as a benefit of being a plant. When used in a product, seaweed is able to soothe, repair, and fortify the skin once applied. The exact mix of vitamins and nutrients tends to depend on the species of seaweed used in a given preparation though and this makes it difficult to highlight all the possible vitamins and nutrients your skin can get from seaweed. The inclusion of phytonutrients also makes seaweed excellent for overall tone and color of the skin.

While it is difficult to pin down all of the possible vitamins and nutrients in seaweed, we can easily highlight a few key ones. Vitamins B and C are each useful in skin care. The various forms of B each contribute in their own way to healthy complexion and a working body. Vitamin C, however, is one of OROGOLD’s favorite anti-aging vitamins. When used topically, it helps even tone, boost collagen and elastin production in the skin, and even helps lightly clean the skin. It is a superior ingredient in the fight against the signs of aging. Seaweed brings with it even more beyond vitamin C though. The phytonutrients and other compounds in seaweed also tend to be potent antioxidants. These help slow and repair internal damage to the skin from free radicals. All of these factors combined make seaweed an increasingly vital component in anti-aging products.

A Moisturizing Cleanser
An interesting aspect of some types of seaweed is that they can help moisturize the skin effectively thanks to the combination of compounds in them. In addition, they offer a gentle exfoliation option when prepared appropriately. The vitamin C isn’t the only compound in so seaweeds that offers cleansing action. Most of the time an exfoliating seaweed product will involve allowing the product to sit on the face as these tend to be enzyme-based products. These focus less on outright removing oil from the skin and more into helping balance out the amount of oils present in the skin while lightly boosting its own ability to clean itself. Most of the time this is by encouraging it to shed dead skin by wearing down the connections between dead skin cells as opposed to outright dissolving them as is common in an acid-based cleanser.

Seaweeds are a promising addition to the modern world of skin care. Various cultures were already aware of the benefits, but now almost anyone can both know and benefit from seaweed. OROGOLD hopes this trend continues and that we find newer and better ways to make the most of the complex benefits of seaweed. It seems that Mother Nature still has a deep store of beauty tips left for us all.

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