Caffeine is one of those things that is hard for many of us hard to give up. We end up becoming almost too dependent on it to keep ourselves going some days thanks to being low on energy. There’s no denying that it can be an incredibly useful way to get moving each day. We end up using it in a lot of ways too. After all, most of us have seen some caffeinated skin products and similar options available out there. Why though? What does caffeine do to our skin? This is worth taking a closer look at given caffeine is actually has fairly mixed results when it comes to our skin’s overall health. It can help our skin, yes, but there are some potential problems as well. Knowing this can help you make an intelligent decision on caffeine intake no matter what source you favor and every bit of knowledge you gain will help you move towards a future where your skin is as healthy as possible.

High Alert
The thing about caffeine is that it does help to wake us up and get us energized to deal with the day or the task at hand. It also has the effect of temporarily putting our body into a slightly heightened state of activity. Normally this isn’t going to be a problem as our body can handle it without issues. This changes when we’re stress though. Stress hurts the body by putting it into a heightened state that has it operating at a higher rate as well. Adding caffeine into that mix makes things even higher. There is evidence to suggest that your body releases more than double the usual amount of stress hormones during when you’re stressed and have caffeine in your system. Those stress hormones tend to result in your skin suffering because they lead to increased inflammation and oil secretion. Overall, this means that caffeine ends up being more likely to cause you to experience breakouts and generation skin issues when you’re already stressed.

Even More Inflammation
Making the effects of stress worse on your skin is one issue, but how does this work out when you’re not stressed? It turns out that you can still experience some issues from caffeine sources even if you’re not stressed. One of the typical ones is the chance that caffeine actually leads your skin to be less adequately hydrated. Caffeine has a diuretic effect that makes you pee more overall. The exact extent of the effect is debated, but the problem is easily solved by simply drinking water more often than you drink coffee. What this doesn’t solve is the fact that inflammation can become more common from caffeine sources for another reason. Coffee and tea are two of the most popular sources of caffeine and each share in the fact that many of us like to add things to them. Milk, creamers, sugars, and similar additions make the flavor even better but can end up causing blood sugar spikes and other issues from their contents. In the end, this is largely due to our habits surrounding caffeine more than caffeine itself.

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The Good News
Caffeine can actually do your skin some good though. That’s why it ends up being used in certain products. Tea and coffee, two major sources of caffeine, are actually sources of antioxidants. The exact amount does vary greatly between different preparations though with certain ones, such as green tea, winning out over other options. That doesn’t mean that they’ll solve all your skin problems, but they do help your skin shift towards being overall healthier than average. On top of this, caffeine has been shown to be potentially connected to a lowered risk for some kinds of cancer, but not all. Caffeine has also been shown to potentially help smooth out some areas of skin over time. All of this shows that caffeine isn’t always a bad choice when it comes to something to put in your body, but like any drug, it needs to be handled reasonably. An excess is ultimately what will likely harm your skin more than anything else.

Regardless of how you get your caffeine, you’re going to get both positive and negative effects. Caffeine isn’t a miracle compound for curing skin conditions any more than it is the terror of skincare. Accepting this will allow you to drink sources of caffeine responsibly and figure out what will work for you. Admittedly, you could likely give caffeine up entirely and just get positive benefits, but we all need a little pick-me-up now and again.

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