Skin care is a mix between an art and science. On the one hand, you need to know the basic rules by which skin behaves and what creates the desired reactions or works best with the skin. On the other, you have to balance know properties with how well they actually work for you as an individual. That toner that doesn’t work for you, but works for your friend shows that there is something different about your skin that requires you to find something that works even if it should hypothetically already work. One general rule is that you get something out of warming your skin, but not everyone discusses why. OROGOLD intends to take the time to explain this so you have a better idea of things, even if you’ll need to figure the art out for yourself.

The Benefits of Warming Your Skin
We apply so many products to keep our skin healthy that it is easy to forget the step most people take in their morning or evening routines: applying warm water to the face. But why is it warm? The warmth of the water does help it cut through your skin’s natural oils with a higher degree of effectiveness, but the most important part for most people is the idea that it causes your pores to respond. Warm water and warmth, in general, are often said to cause your pores to open. This makes it easier to get products inside your pores to clean them and help remove excess skin cells and oils from them to prevent blocks. People often forgot how important that one little step. It is easy enough to forget all the steps that follow. Except that’s not exactly the case.

Warm Water’s Actual Effects
Warm water and steam are actually the first steps in the cleaning process. The warmth helps loosen your skin’s oils which start the cleaning process. “Opening” your pores is a misunderstanding based on the idea that pores seem larger before cleaning than after they’ve been cleaned out (and presumably closed) with cold water. Warm water’s larger benefit is that the warmth and motions you use when applying them begin to increase circulation in your skin. Circulation helps boost the skin’s health in numerous ways and seems to be beneficial in promoting collagen formation on its own. OROGOLD would like to remind you that you’ll get a greater benefit out of such steps by using products rich in vitamin C to boost the same effect.

Warming Products and You
This brings us to self-warming products in beauty. These creams, gels, and other products seem relatively normal at first, but begin to warm once applied. The exact sensation varies in apparent heat, but they, like sources of true heat, cause the skin to respond. These products have a benefit of simple warm water and motion though: they can include boosting products. Much like the vitamin C previously discussed, a warming product can include a number of skin nourishing ingredients and combine them with the circulation to help your skin make the most of them. The sustained, low feeling of heat also provides a somewhat relaxing sensation for cooler months. Don’t forget that sources of heat, in all forms, can dry out your skin though. So be aware of the instructions of these products.

The variety of skin care products means there is something for almost every occasion at this point. Heated or warming products aren’t necessarily something you should use constantly. OROGOLD would like you to remember that heavier products like these can potentially clog pores if overused. They can provide a nice way to relax and treat your face in one go though if you’ve been feeling stressed. Strike the right balance with these products by finding the art needed to look your best.

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