Dry skin can be an incredibly frustrating thing to deal with at any time of the year. The skin feels taut, cracks, and in general just feels uncomfortable to have for as long as it is dry. Some places are worse than others though. Most of us will agree that dry skin on the face can be embarrassing when the problem becomes bad enough to be visible, but some areas tend to be more painful. The hands and feet, in particular, tend to suffer a lot when the skin begins to dry out as the skin in those areas is in fairly constant motion as we move around and interact with the world. That ends up being a lot of pain if the problem isn’t dealt with quickly and healed. Fortunately, neither is particularly hard to heal. We’re going to focus on dry, cracked hands thanks to them being more common due to consistent exposure to the outside world, but some of these strategies can also be adapted to help your feet as well if they are experiencing a similar problem.

Moisture Intelligently
The best thing you can do for dry, cracked hands is to moisture properly and regularly. Your skin needs all the help it can get to work towards repairing the damage and reducing how often the skin cracks. Moist, pliable skin isn’t as likely to crack and as a result will be able to heal. A good practice when moisturizing damaged skin is to remember to moisturize before you leave the shower, but after the water is off. The air will be thick with moisture still and less likely to take away any on and in your skin. Applying your moisturizer then will seal that moisture in and create a barrier between your skin and the rest of the world. This longer lasting form of moisturizing will give your skin a better chance to avoid consistently damaging itself while dry. Don’t forget to renew your use of moisturizer throughout the day to keep the seal intact though. You can extend things further if you’re willing to take an extra step.

Woman moisturizing hands

Sealing It In
Gloves aren’t always an ideal addition to every outfit. Yes, we can make them look very attractive with the right outfit, but there are times of the year that gloves just don’t work. The bad news is that they are an incredibly good idea when trying to heal dry, cracked hands. Gloves act as another way of isolating the damaged skin from the outside. This can make your moisturizer last longer as well as sealing more of the moisture in for longer as it won’t evaporate off as quickly. You’ll need to put on the gloves shortly after moisturizing to make the most of this trick though. Rub the moisturizer in thoroughly until it is no longer a clear layer on your skin and then put on the gloves. The added bonus is that this will protect your skin from environmental issues such as dry air and contact with rough surfaces that can make dry, cracked skin worse. These will typically help heal your skin over time. This trick is particularly good when you use it overnight with cotton gloves.

Be Careful
The last thing you’re going to want to do is staying alert to your environment and any factors that might exacerbate the problem. We all come into contact with a lot of different compounds each day. Skincare products, cleaning supplies, sanitizing wipes, and all of the other things we encounter each day have an impact on our skin. You will want to avoid the harsher products when letting your skin heal as they could make the problem worse. This is particularly true when it comes to strong cleansing and exfoliating products and household cleansers. Yes, your skin can handle the cleansers and exfoliating products normally, but skin that has been sensitized by drying out too much is more susceptible to unwanted effects. All it really requires of you is to be mindful of what gets near your hands each day. Wearing protective gloves when working with any harsh compounds can help protect your skin and prevent anything from getting worse.

Healing dry, cracked skin anywhere is often a matter of time. This is particularly true when it comes to dealing with it on the hands though. Constant movements make the area more susceptible to damage and as a result, it needs a focused care to heal. Fortunately, all this takes is protecting the skin and moisturizing it regularly. Sealing that moisture in with regular uses of a lotion will go a long way to help and can be improved on with cotton gloves if you let it sit overnight. Your skin will eventually repair itself and be back to its normal, health self.

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