When it comes to skin care routines, there are many different trends and seemingly outrageous things that have been suggested to produce beneficial results to our skin. Some of these have no underlying positive effects, such as using a tomato to cure a sun burnt face, while others have unexpected benefits, such as using toothpaste to dry out a pimple. One of these unusual skin care trends is the use of gold.

Gold has always signified luxury. Whether it is being used for jewelry, decorations, in food presentation or in beautifying routines, its presence speaks of glamour and wealth. The use of gold for skin care can be traced back to Ancient Egypt as a method used by the Queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti. These women of the past have been rumored to use gold face masks to produce their seemingly flawless complexions.

Today, we can find the presence of gold in beauty routines everywhere. From gold face masks, to gold infused serums and moisturizers, Gold is definitely becoming an increasingly popular skin care trend. Though the data on the benefits of gold is not as solid as it could be, many claim it to produce amazing results. Some of these include a boost to your skins blood flow and cellular processes. It has also been claimed that gold activates regeneration, restores elasticity to your tissues and prevents your skin from sagging due to a slowing of collagen depletion. Whether or not these acclaimed effects can be proven or not, personal testimonies attribute a visible tightening of the skin and radiant glow to the use of gold products.

There is a lot that we can learn from the past and it is no different when it comes to caring for our skin. Many routines and products have been around for centuries, and though substantial data may not have been recorded throughout history, the technologies of the present provide a real opportunity to trial these products and get to the bottom of the myth versus fact debate. Even though gold has entered as the latest trend for beauty gurus worldwide, the evidence is clear that we are not the first to experiment with its properties for skincare benefits. Whether you want to wait it out for more research to be conducted, experience a gold facial for yourself or include a gold-infused product to your skin care routine, the idea of using gold for skin care is definitely here to stay.

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