There are few universal goals shared among humanity, but leading a happy life is one of the core ones. It is something that almost everyone can agree that everyone else deserves. As a social species, we don’t like it when others suffer or are unhappy. For some this becomes a lifelong goal and leads to various careers while for others it becomes the catalyst that turns them into the friend that everyone can turn to for support when things appear their darkest. The catch for everything is that we may want people to lead happier lives, but we don’t always extend that to ourselves. We neglect our own well-being instead of ensuring that there is space enough for our happiness as well. The key to avoiding this pitfall is ensuring that you’re giving yourself the means to be happy too. We’re going to look into five good ways you can encourage happiness in your life so that you can ensure you’re taking care of yourself so that you too can live a happy life.

Take a deep breath and take time for yourself. Almost everyone in the modern era forgets this vital human need. We run around constantly trying to see everyone and do everything without ever giving ourselves time to take an appropriate break. With that in mind, try to schedule some time for yourself each day even if you have a more traditional job. Make good use of your lunch break, set aside time in the morning of evening just for you, and just make sure you have time to decompress from the day before going to bed. Learning how to relax will let you sleep easier and feel a lot healthier in the long run than pushing yourself all day will ever do. Consider talking to your doctor or therapist for suggestions on how to relax if you’re having difficulty with it.

Make Time For People
Similar to knowing when to relax, we all need to know when to make time for others. Some of the larger regrets that people have expressed later in life tend to revolve around the people they pushed away or didn’t make time for before it was too late. Call your old friends and stay in contact with your family. Making sure that you take the time to talk and meet is a good way to ensure everyone’s happiness. It renews bonds and allows you to catch up with one another. If you don’t have as many friends as you once did, then consider taking up a new hobby through a class and making friends and acquaintances while you learn. Even introverts need some time with other people to stay happy.

Eat Right
Your mental and physical well-being are tied to one another. This means you do need to make the effort involved in ensuring you’re eating a balanced meal. This provides you body with the nutrients it needs to run. Shortfalls on particular nutrients or an overabundance of them can all lead to negative effects on your body. Trying to chart how to eat proper can be a hassle when it first starts though and as a result a lot of us tend to give up. Talk to your doctor about ways to shift and improve your diet for the better that you can stick to until you manage to fully change your dietary habits. That will help you stay well longer and therefore happier.

This is the other hard part of helping yourself lead a happy life. Exercise is even more difficult than trying to make sure you eat a proper diet. This is largely because exercise ends up leaving most people a bit sore. No on really enjoys that and yet it is a sign you made your body do enough work that it will actually change some things. You’ll want to find an acceptable form of exercise that you can stick with over time so that you don’t give up on making it at habit. Jogging or a brisk walk can be all it takes if you maintain a high enough level of activity for the appropriate amount of time. Putting in the effort will keep you more energetic and active across your life. This keeps you ready to do other things to help you be happy instead of letting them fall to one side.

Be Yourself
While this might be the most clich√© bit of our tips, it is also a very important one. We get stressed, frustrated, and isolated when we’re trying to be people that we aren’t. This makes us less happy. Thinking about it, almost all of us can think of times in our lives where we were someone other than ourselves most of the time. This stifling of oneself serves to do nothing beyond complicate our lives and hurt our happiness. Let who you are be seen. This will help draw the people who are like you closer and prevent you from collecting any false friends that will make you less happy. Do keep working on that hobby you enjoy despite what people think. Read the books that interest you. Revel in the shows you like. A genuine life is a happy life.

These are just rough tips on how to make your life happier. None of them will actually help you be happy unless you let yourself be happy in the first place. Don’t think of rough patches as points in your life where you’re failing though. Even the happiest people aren’t happy all the time. Everyone is human and has to deal with life’s ups and downs. Just try to use these tips to help ensure that things are as good as they can be when your life is on an upswing.

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