Spring is one of those times where we all start feel a little bit more alive. The daze of winter begins to wear off and this furious sense of motion begins to settle in. After all, we’ve got to do something now that the weather feels nice again. How we go about that varies. A good way to do it is to apply the idea of spring cleaning to your mind and habits. Winter habits tend to stick around a bit longer than most of us would like to admit and kicking them out can help us to get back on track for a healthy lifestyle. Boosting your productivity in this way can also help you to feel that much better about life and get you focused again. We’ve got a few ideas on how you can do all of this. Hopefully you’ll have your own ideas by the time we’re through too. You’ll be able to keep yourself pleasantly busy that way.

Get In The Rhythm
A really good way to help get yourself back into the step of the world is to start making good habits. We recommend using spring to help settle any bad sleeping habits you picked up during winter. The time change in most places means you’ll need to be doing this anyway. Make the effort to turn off anything that will wake you up before it is time to wake up for the day and to set a sleeping time and stick to it. This will help give you a stable sleep schedule. Additionally, we recommend remembering to clean up your bed and keep it tidy to make it more welcoming as well. This will help you get the sleep you need to be productive.

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Organization Is Your Friend
The trick to getting properly productive this spring is likely related to how well organized you can get your life. We’re not going to advocate for micromanagement, but broad guides can help you sort through a complex social schedule and your daily routines. Planning for an event is typically aided well by lists. You typically want to stick with a list of items required and pair it with a time table. This will help you stay on top of things. Pinning lists by certain deadlines can help ensure that you have everything you need at a certain point with no unexpectedly missing items.

Clean Your Space
Everything gets a little bit more rundown during winter. We leave things where they’re laying or don’t bother to tidy the nests we make for ourselves. These habits make sense in winter when most of us are feeling rather low energy. A good habit to get into for boosting productivity is to actually make sure that you regularly tidy your environments. Get rid of excess paperwork on your desk. Clean up those neglected corners. Tidy the blanket draped on the sofa. It may seem like a small thing, but the act of organizing your environment will help you stay in a mentally cleaner space that lets you be more productive.

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Get Moving
Exercise is one of those things that we tend to forget to do over the course of winter. Most of us mean to keep exercising, but the lower light levels and cool weather tend to end up making us lethargic. Spring is the time to start moving again or we’ll never really get away from that lethargy. We recommend starting slowly with an exercise like a brisk walk, or even yogic poses in the comfort of your living room, and building back up to any routine you’d accidentally dropped. Eventually you’ll be back to your old routine and full of the energy necessary to make the most of spring.

Declutter Your Habits
You can get a lot from cleaning up your daily routine as well. We all have these habits that get out of hand without us thinking about them. Sometimes it is spending too much time reading up on what’s happened in the world and other times we end up being distracted a bit too long by social media. There are countless other habits out there like this too. The key is minimizing the amount of time they take up and avoiding mental traps that will get us stuck in them. We recommend working with a therapist if you have a particular habit that is hard to escape. Tidying your daily routine will help you save some time and might even boost your mood in some cases.

Getting more productivity out of yourself this spring has a lot to do with how you tidy up your life. Taking the steps necessary to improve your life habits and clear away the clutter will help you in that goal. Take it one or two steps at a time though. If you burn yourself out in a quest for productivity, you’ll never reach a point where you’re happy as you’ll be too busy recovering from burnout.

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