Life has a way of keeping us on our feet both literally and figuratively. After all, there always seems to be something else we need to do no matter how much we do in a given day. Some new alert always seems to be waiting to go off on our personal devices to let us know that the lists we make are actually an entry or two longer. It can be incredibly frustrating. This is especially true if what we’ve had to do all day has kept us on our feet for most of it. Anyone’s feet would start aching by that point. Tired, swollen feet tend to be associated with being constantly on them as well as other things such as age, pregnancy, and particular physical conditions. Regardless of why our feet are swollen and tired, they’re never fun to experience. There are ways we can try to guard against the problem though. Taking these measures will hopefully make full days that much less of a pain later on.

Stay Hydrated
A contributing factor to swollen feet tends to be an improper balance between available water in the body and the amount of salt one is taking in. As a result, it is a good idea to make sure you’re ingesting a healthy amount of salt first, but everyone needs to make sure they’re getting adequate hydration. Don’t take this to mean you need to obey the “common wisdom” of eight full glasses of water every day or any other amount. You get a lot of water from foods in a healthy diet. Drink water most of the time when you’re thirsty and you should be perfectly fine.

Check Your Shoes
We all have those pairs of shoes that we like. How long we’ve had them varies, but they are always the shoes we favor a lot. Constant use of anything starts to wear it out. Shoes, in particular, have to carry our weight as well as deal with the constant friction of movement. This means they can start wearing out in ways that are bad for our feet before we notice. Make sure that your shoes are in good shape and that the inserts are intake to help minimize foot issues.

Consider Compression
Anyone with issues with circulation has likely encountered this suggestion before, but it is good for people with swollen, tired feet too. Compression socks are made from specialized materials that help provide roughly uniform pressure over the area they’re worn. This help to ensure adequate circulation instead of allowing blood to pool or catch in places like when feet end up sore. We do wish to stress that people with conditions causing the problem will likely get the most from this, but using it even if you don’t have a condition can help.

Stay Active
One of the best measures you can take is the preventive approach. Feet tend to be more resistant to being sore and tired when they’re being properly exercised. You don’t need to look up any specialized foot exercises to do this, but you do need to remember to get up and walk regularly. Walking regularly as a form of recreation will keep the muscles in your feet properly exercised and prevent them from becoming inflamed easily. Walking for a half hour every few days or so is all it really takes to help minimize problems.

Women jogging

Elevate Your Feet
The last thing you can do is one of those intuitive ones that we pick up simply from growing up. Elevating your feet at the end of a long day can do a lot to help avoid foot problems. This is because elevating one’s feet typically involves stretching them out fully and thereby enabling proper circulation while removing some of the problems of gravity. Furthermore, it will once again help prevent any pooling that might otherwise lead to one’s feet become swollen and sore.

Avoiding tired, swollen feet isn’t that hard. It just means taking what you’ll be doing to your feet into account. After all, your feet aren’t going to be very happy with you spending all day on them if you typically aren’t, but keeping all the muscles in your feet exercised prevents them from being too vocal in their complaints. Other steps further help to minimize the potential for problems as well. Making the commitment to look after your feet will ensure that you’re overall happier at the end of a long day instead of regretting everything you did.

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