Contrary to popular belief, everyone should take good care of their skin. Many men end up neglecting this as good skincare ends up being seen as too feminine. The truth is that you’ll likely end up both more comfortable and more confident in your appearance if you start learning how to take proper care of your skin. It doesn’t even take that much time as long as you’re willing to do it. The foundations of good skincare simple, effective, and capable of being used by anyone regardless of the dominant hormone in their body. With that in mind, it seems only fair to go over some basic skin care tips men. These will help guide you through some of the basics and understanding the principles necessary to ensure your skin is healthy. It is up to you how far you want to take this advice though. Just try not to forget all those heroes in the action movies have a lot of skincare done for them regularly to keep them looking the part.

Rinse and Cleanse
This is the single most basic form of skincare. Rinsing and cleansing involve washing your face with a combination of lukewarm to warm water and then applying a gentle cleanser to the face. The idea is to take a one-two punch approach to the dirt, debris, and oils that get caught together on your skin and can end up clogging pores. The water is there to get the dirt, dead skin cells, and other particulate matter off of your skin and away from all the oils. A cleanser follows up on this by breaking up concentrated areas of your skin natural oils to ensure that the area remains healthy rather than clogged. This should be done at least once each day and after exercise or anything else that makes you sweat a lot to maximize its effects.

Learn About Your Skin
There are several broad categories of skin type in skincare. These tell you a lot about how to properly treat your skin and address potential chronic issues that come up. Dry skin, for instance, tends to have issues with cracking and feeling taut even at rest. Oily skin leaves your more prone to breakouts and chronic inflammatory skin conditions. Sensitive skin reacts more to anything it comes into contact with and is more easily damaged as a result. Combination skin ends up mixing and match from all these skin types. Figuring out what your skin type is will let you know what approach to take to get your skin to a place when it is more resilient, has a natural shine, and helps you look your best.

Smiling man shaving in front of mirror

Shave Properly
Shaving regularly is the bane of any men or others with robust facial hair who want to look clean-shaven. After all, it takes time, is often uncomfortable, and can end up leaving marks on the skin. Working to minimize the physical irritation is a key to good skincare though. This means making sure to regularly swap out your blade to keep it fresh and sharp. Additionally, you’ll want to wash it after every stroke to avoid clogging the blade. Don’t forget to shave with the grain of the hairs either. This is crucial if you want to avoid irritating your skin too much. Lastly, never dry shave. Your skin needs the layer of moisturizer from water and potentially shaving cream to help make the shave easier on your skin.

Another important step to remember for basic skincare is simply to apply a moisturizer each day. It may not seem like a lot, but this can do wonders for your skin. The face is subjected to sun exposure each and every day that can dry it out and cause various issues. Properly moisturized skin is comparatively resilient to this and other sources of damage. On top of this, it helps to avoid the skin dulling from it drying out. Moisturizing after you’ve shaved, rinsed, and cleaned will also help to soothe any lingering irritation from shaving so that your complexion looks more uniform and healthy.

Wear Sunscreen
The last thing you need to do is to remember to apply sunscreen when going outside. Sun damage does not make you more masculine. It is actually one of the leading reasons why many men don’t age gracefully. The cumulative damage done by UV exposure wears away at supportive proteins in the skin and once the skin begins having a large enough issue at keeping up with repairs it can end up feeling like you age overnight. Regularly applying a noncomedogenic sunscreen SPF 30 or higher that offers broad spectrum protection will help guard your skin against this. Moisturizers with SPF are another good option that can help combine two steps into one for those wishing to save time.

Good skincare is a healthy practice for everyone. The skin is one of the human body’s largest organs and demands as much respect and care as the rest of your organs. Proper care just seems little different thanks to cultural associations. Making the effort to take proper care of your skin will help it be healthier over time though and ensure that you will be just that must more ageless than your peers.

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