Back pain has a habit of making our lives miserable when it comes up. It makes even the most basic movement more difficult than we want it to be and in general, makes life that much harder. Most of us start reaching for pain medication at that point in hopes of getting it back under control. The sad part is that medication only lasts for so long. This is true even when you get a prescription medication from a doctor. You notice very quickly when the effectiveness of the drug begins to wear thin. Pain management takes a variety of forms though. Ultimately, chronic back pain must be treated in multiple ways to keep it managed in a healthy way so that it doesn’t disrupt your life. Exercise is one of the best ways to do this. Let’s take a quick look at some of the best options for exercises that can help ease back pain. As you’ll soon find out, the key is often to avoid putting excess stress on the area while still increasing flexibility.

This is one of the eternal favorites for low impact exercise. The basic goal is to build the body’s overall flexibility and range of motion through careful, deliberate motions. Tension is a major factor in yoga as it use static tension to carefully stretch the muscles. This allows you to carefully work on muscle tension and other issues without running as large a chance of overtaxing the muscles. Yoga helps to support the overall capacity of your muscles as well. It uses a combination of strength and overall range of motion to achieve its results. Try not to overuse any given form in yoga when trying to relieve back pain. There are specific poses that will help exercise and stretch muscles in your back that should be incorporated into any routine, but make sure to spread these out. Using them too often could end up simply making the pain worse instead. As with most things, the goal is to be careful in how you use the tools available to you.

Not everyone necessarily likes a formalized form of exercise. Some of them, especially yoga, have particular philosophies of exercise that go along with them or ideas on other exercises to do that don’t always agree with our own. That’s why something as simple as assembling a routine from stretching exercises can end up helping you in much the same way. Lunges and other exercises that focus on a combination of static and dynamic tension will gradually build and stretch your muscles over time. This allows them to slowly ease back pain over time. It is important to note that a lot of individual exercises expect you to have a full range of movement when you do them. Going this route means you should talk definitely talk to your doctor before beginning exercise. They can help you pin down some useful exercises and tell you how to avoid one that will make things worse.

Women doing pilates in gym

This style of exercise uses various combinations of exercises both with and without devices to help people achieve various aims. It is important to note that a large focus of them tends to be on supporting the growth and maintenance of core muscles though. These are the muscles that contribute a lot to weight distribution and help support the spine. Improving their overall health helps to push you back towards greater health by lowering the potential for daily strain. However it is worth noting that these do tend to suffer from the same issues as formalized stretching exercises. There are plenty of exercises that could easily put an excess strain on already damaged muscles if you’re not careful. Talk to your doctor to avoid problems. The good news is that, much like yoga, there are plenty of options to find pilates classes and there are even some specialized ones. You may be able to find one for helping manage back pain if you live in a large enough metropolitan area.

Exercise is often the last thing on our minds when we’re dealing with back pain. It makes sense. No one wants to cause more pain to themselves. Exercise is a good method for managing problems though. All it takes is remembering to talk to your doctor and working out what options will serve you best. Keeping this in mind will help you make the aches and pains of the day far easier to handle.

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