Summer is one of those times of the year where we’re continually told to enjoy ourselves. It makes sense given it is the definite break from the cold or chilly weather for a while for many people. The warmer temperatures certainly do wonder to help encourage people to enjoy themselves. Not everything about summer is perfect though. There are lots of little things that can drive us to distraction if we’re not careful. Beauty tends to be hit particularly hard in this area as warmer temperatures often mean just that many more problems that we have to deal with to keep looking our best. Many of the traditional summer beauty woes are mercifully easy to deal with providing you’re prepared or learn how to counteract them. In the spirit of making sure everyone can enjoy what is left of summer, we’re going to take a quick look at some of those woes and how to fix them. This way you can get all you want out of the remainder of your summer.

This problem tends to turn up more in summer for a number of reasons. A major one is simply the amount that we’re sweating. The sweat itself isn’t the problem so much as what it can end up doing to your skin. When we sweat, the sweat rolls down our skin. This help to cool us down, yes, but the skin isn’t a perfectly clean environment. Sweat picks up dirt, debris, and other things along the way as well as potentially loosening bits of oil. All of these can in turn follow the path of the sweat down the skin. That sweat can end up sinking into a pore further down your skin with all of the extras it picked up along the way. Depositing all of that in your pores can end up causing clogs that in turn lead to breakouts. Summer sweat is a big culprit when it comes to this, but you’ll often find shoulder and back acne are the most common occurrences even if traditional breakouts aren’t far behind. Take a shower after sweating a lot to help minimize this risk.

Dry Or Oily Skin
Skin can end up gravitating to either of these extremes and sometimes both at the same time during summer. Various factors can lead to the problem, but they are almost always linked. Dry skin can be caused by excess sun exposure, utilizing too many products, or even particular beauty treatments. Most of the time we can take care of it simply by applying moisturizer in the correct amounts. The catch is that this isn’t always enough. Skin that gets dry tends to look dull and can start flaking. This unimpressive look is both embarrassing and physically bad for your skin. It doesn’t help matters that your skin may try to correct the problem by telling your skin to secrete more oils to make up for the dryness and cause a dull sheen on your skin as well as raising the likelihood of breakouts even higher. Staying ahead of this problem and keeping your skin clean is the best approach. Remember to moisturize regularly and touch it up if you feel your skin drying out.

Woman lying on grass squinting as she looks at the sun

Try as we might, it seems almost inevitable that we make a mistake and accidentally get sunburn in summer. The obvious red inflammation tends to make us all feel self-conscious as it means we made a mistake. It certainly doesn’t help matters that it often hurts. Fighting against sunburn was, is, and shall remain a relatively easy task though. All you need to do is remember to wear sunscreen. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a basic sunscreen or a mineral one so much as it matters that you are using one. Sunscreen helps to shield your skin from the majority of the negative effects of sun exposure. Look for products that offer an SPF of 30 or more with broad spectrum protection to ensure you’re getting effective protection though. Additionally, favor mineral sunscreens as they utilize physical blockers to reflect UV rays rather than absorb them in place of your skin. This will offer you better overall protection and help you avoid the most common summer beauty woe of all.

There are plenty of things that can upset our beauty routines and our desired look in summer. The best we can do is take the missteps in stride and work towards minimizing their appearance most of the time. Guarding our skin against the more common problems we’ve discussed will make it easier to ensure summer passes with fewer issues. That, in turn, means we can be sure to look our best both this summer and every summer after.

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