Eye care can be a finicky thing at the best of times. The skin surrounding your eyes is delicate enough that it doesn’t take much to upset it. This makes taking special care of it in drier climates even more of a priority. Not only do you face whatever challenges that your genetics have in store for you, but you have to be ready to combat whatever the climate does to your body as well. OROGOLD has touched on ways to care for your skin in dry climates before, but to do things properly involves a brief focus on the eyes. We’ve put together a quick primer on the best way to defy the climate and keep looking happy, healthy, and well-rested.

One of the primary rules of taking care of all of your skin in a dry climate is to hydrate appropriately. Your body will be losing water constantly to the dry air. It leeches the moisture from your skin constantly as your skin is trying to keep itself in balance. It is a somewhat lopsided fight, but you can tilt the odds in your favor by being aware of the problem. Favor drinking water over other drinks. Alcohol is particularly bad for staying hydrated and you should avoid drinking it in excess. You’ll get a lot of water from a healthy diet, yes, but you should make sure to drink a couple of glasses of water per day just to be on the safe side. This will prevent your body from trying to retain water as fluid retention can help cause bags under the eyes.

Moisturize and Protect
The topical companions to internal hydration are products that hydrate your skin from the outside. You’ll want these as they provide an extra layer of moisture between your skin and the dry air. OROGOLD would like to highlight that you want to maintain this extra layer. This is doubly true if you intended to be wearing makeup. The moisture helps keep your skin healthy and makes it less prone to breaking out as long as you remember to routinely remove your makeup. Additionally, don’t forget that some moisturizing products include sunscreen. You shouldn’t skip the area around your eyes simply because you intended to be wearing sunglasses. The sunglasses might cover the entire area, but any extra protection you can afford it is welcomed. You can’t forget that area around your eyes is particularly delicate.

Choose Products Wisely
One thing you need to be particularly well of in dry climates is the properties of the products you choose to use. Those of us fond of anti-aging products typically favor products using retinol in them around our eyes. Retinol, unfortunately, has a habit of drying the skin it is applied to out. This is why you should moisturize after using it. We would suggest avoiding retinol-based products in a dry climate whenever possible. Dry air will be sapping the moisture from your skin regularly enough that helping it isn’t going to do your skin any favors. There are serums available that provide anti-aging benefits without the drying issues of a retinol-based product. Serums make for an excellent start to eye care routines as well due to the skin fortifying ingredients in them and their potency.

Eye care in dry climates is intimately connected to keeping your skin properly hydrated. There is no escaping this fact. It becomes more vital in winter when the air dries out even further. You’re constantly trying to keep your skin at healthy levels of moisture while the air denies you any rest from the task. However, OROGOLD will assure you that taking the time for proper eye care will keep your eyes being the thing that stands out on your face rather than bags beneath them.

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