Most of us are familiar with the concept of the signs of aging. It is that all encompassing reference point that highlights the various problems that can come up in relation to our skin’s overall health if we’re not careful. Some of them we can do nothing about. The most vexing of them tend to fall into this category and are simply a matter of time. All of them tend to revolve around the overall loss of volume in our skin. We lose it due to the loss of particular proteins in our skin. Collagen and elastin are required to help maintain our skin’s overall volume and flexibility as we age. Unfortunately, our bodies become less adept at actually maintaining things as we mature. Taking the right steps can help you fight back against this loss of volume though. It involves making good habits and ensuring you’re using the right products though. There are a lot of potential options, but we’re going to look at a handful of the best options for anyone looking to age gracefully.

Cut Out Bad Habits
The first thing you need to do is actually make sure you’re not doing anything to make matters worse. It may sound obvious, but a lot of us are less aware of our the consequences of our vices than we should be for our health. Smoking, in particular, is absolutely devastating to the skin. The unhealthy collection of chemicals they introduce into the body is horrible for your skin’s health. You’re confronted with a twofold problem to your skin if you smoke. The aforementioned chemicals harm the proteins responsible for keeping your skin filled out. Not only does this active destruction happen, but you also introduce free radicals into your skin that cause constant low-level damage to cells that needs to be repaired as well. This is why smokers tend to show signs of premature aging. Additionally, drinking to excess frequently hurts your skin as well and can cause sagging. Cutting these bad habits out of your life will give you a better chance of restoring at least some of your skin’s volume.

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Eat Well
Your skin, like all your organs, is a complex collection of cells working together to perform a variety of functions. Their complex nature results in equally complex needs that you need to fill regularly. Our skincare routines are good at this, but ultimately they are meant to play a supporting roll when compared to our diets. Eating a balanced diet goes a long way towards maintaining and potentially improving your skin’s volume by providing it with all of the materials your skin needs to keep itself in working order. A good way to think of it is as providing the building blocks for your skin. Fruits and vegetables are the best options for our body and skin. Dark, leafy greens, citrus, and nuts have lots of skin friendly vitamins like vitamins A, C, and E that support maintaining your skin’s overall volume and its healing processes. Using products with those vitamins in them on your skin will help even more.

Get Some Sleep
Beauty sleep isn’t actually a joke no matter how many people make jokes about it. Your body needs you to actually rest or it can’t repair itself properly. It does this when you’re sleeping because you using up less energy when you’re resting. That energy can then be shifted from doing things like letting you move and fueling your daily activities to instead help heal any damage to your body. This is particularly important when it comes to restoring skin volume as your skin needs that extra boost or it won’t be healthy enough to actually do what it needs to do. Your skin is better able to produce protein like collagen and elastin to help fill in supporting cells or to fully replace damaged cells when you get enough sleep. If you’re shorting yourself on sleep though, you’ll notice the reverse is true as your skin will look less and less healthy and filled out over time.

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Restoring volume to your skin goes a long way towards making you look more youthful. It helps fight back against the sagging that we associate with age and bad habits. Ensuring you avoid those habits while eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep will let your body do what it needs to do in an entirely natural way. Furthermore, it will support your products helping your skin too. It may take some effort, but beauty has always been and will always be work.

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