Although you may not have realized it, exfoliation and hair removal go hand in hand. From preventing pesky ingrown hairs to giving you a much closer shave, OROGOLD takes a closer look at why everybody should be exfoliating before carrying out a hair removal technique.

Ingrown Hairs
Ingrown hairs can occur anywhere on the body where hair grows, and usually happens after shaving or waxing, when the hairs curl back, growing inwards rather than outwards. In addition to causing irritation and redness, ingrown hairs can also make the skin feel bumpy rather than smooth, which is never a good thing after hair removal. Exfoliating your skin on a regular basis will ensure that dead skin cells are constantly being removed. This prevents them from building up on your skin and blocking up your hair follicles, which would have otherwise resulted in ingrown hairs.

Woman shaving her legs.

A Closer Shave
When you exfoliate, the process brings your hairs out of your follicles, helping all of the strands to get on the same growth cycle. This means that when you shave, you won’t be missing any hairs that seem to be just slightly out of reach, and your razor will be able to effectively shave all of those tiny hairs that are normally trapped under dead skin, giving you a closer shave and smoother legs. Exfoliation also helps to remove the oils that build up on the skin, which allows your razor to get as close to your skin as possible.

Exfoliating Before Hair Removal
There are many different methods exfoliation that can be used prior to hair removal, however, OROGOLD recommends that you exfoliate at least 24 hours before shaving or waxing, as doing it immediately before will cause your skin to become quite irritated. A dry brush is one of the easiest methods of exfoliating your legs, and consists of quickly sweeping the brush over your skin before entering the shower, where any dead skin cells that have been dislodged would then be washed away. A body scrub is also an effective exfoliation method, and, if you don’t want to be purchasing yet another beauty product, can easily be made at home from common kitchen cupboard ingredients. Another product that you could look at is hair removal pads, as these exfoliate your skin while removing any fine hairs at the same time. However, OROGOLD would not recommend this method if you have thicker, coarser hair.

Hair removal is something that most women regularly deal with, and can often be quite frustrating. Regularly exfoliating your skin will increase the amount of time you are able to wait between each hair removal session, and will also result in you having softer, smoother skin. OROGOLD advises that you never exfoliate more than two to three times a week, and, for those of you with sensitive skin, you may need to work slightly harder to find an exfoliation method that does not cause your skin to negatively react.

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